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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Neighborhood Spirit
« Last post by Beech Court on June 25, 2020, 12:26:22 PM »
34th and 35th Avenues are normally fairly quiet and that's the beauty of a planned community. However, we're talking here about a time when our neighborhood and the surrounding areas have been hard hit by Covid 19.

Trumpet man is bringing people together (yes I see social social distancing and masks - don't start) in a time when people need to feel community and support. A little appreciation for the folks who kept us going during this pandemic is a great thing. It also gives us an opportunity to see each other and know that our neighbors are there and doing well, especially when folks would otherwise be hiding inside. A little exercise to get up and dressed to go out for some fresh air and see him might do some slugs a little good.

For any of the haters - GET OVER IT! It's 7PM not midnight, and it doesn't go on for that long. Try some community spirit. If it bothers you that much shut your window, pull the drapes so you don't have to see, and get yourself a set of ear plugs.

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Fireworks every night! 2020
« Last post by sl on June 25, 2020, 12:06:28 PM »
It’s fairly quiet where I am.

not sure what part of that neighborhood you're in, but i have a friend who's in a normally quiet part but has massive issues a couple blocks away (she's not sure exactly where, not her block, but close enough to be crazy loud)

I’m no longer in JH, I’m in Bayside now (but you knew this). It’s been pretty quiet here.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Fireworks every night! 2020
« Last post by Lilybell on June 25, 2020, 10:03:46 AM »
I can't believe our lawmakers' advice was to go talk to our neighbors and shame them into stopping. Yeah, like I'm going to take a risk like that. I'm glad that people are pushing back.

I don't hear them as much now that I have my a/c running more, but the ones last night seemed pretty close (low 70s). I feel bad for the dogs and babies.
Restaurants & Food / Re: supermarket alternatives
« Last post by JH3525 on June 25, 2020, 09:26:32 AM »
I was at Patel's yesterday afternoon at about 2 and no lines and very few customers. 
Restaurants & Food / Re: supermarket alternatives
« Last post by Chingwa on June 25, 2020, 08:30:56 AM »
Any update on the Patel Bros. situation?  Are the lines still a problem?  I am missing indian food since the start of the lockdown.  :(
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Fireworks every night! 2020
« Last post by Yankswun98 on June 25, 2020, 12:31:29 AM »
Lots of fireworks around 11 o'clock in the low 70's.  I took a walk to see if I could find the location but they are spaced out so much it was hard to get a read where they are coming from.
Hello, I have one bag with winter clothes for donation if you are still interested. 
Community Groups, Activities & Events / Activities for Toddlers
« Last post by jojo197714 on June 24, 2020, 03:13:45 PM »
 I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for activities or classes for my 3.5 year old in Jackson Heights or near. We have done Ballet at PS 69, Kids Music together. Thanks!
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Estimated ConEd Bills
« Last post by ljr on June 24, 2020, 02:03:37 PM »
Yes I have gotten some estimated bills, but also received an email stating that ConEd would soon be installing meters that can be read from a central office, so we won't get estimates anymore.
Neighborhood Chat / Estimated ConEd Bills
« Last post by Matt on June 24, 2020, 01:20:21 PM »
I've been receiving estimated bills from ConEd since April. Originally the bills stated that this was due to safety precautions related to COVID-19, however my June invoice did not state this.

The estimates are based on the usage during the same month in the previous year.

Like most of us, I've been spending significantly more time at home and I'm likely using more energy. I'm not sure what to expect when a bill with an actual reading arrives.

Has everyone else been receiving estimated bills? Has anyone begun to receive bills with actual readings?

As many people have lost some or all of their income, I'm guessing there may be a very unwelcome surprise arriving from ConEd soon.
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