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Question -- is he also going to introduce a law that compels bike riders to actually USE the bike lane where one if made available?  Because one of the issues I've faced is having to drive down a newly narrow road with a bike lane, and bike riders are both to my right (properly in the lane) and to my left, so there's no room for a car to actually drive.  Also, does this bill increase police enforcement to prevent people from double-parking, which would necessarily mean that any driver that wants to move forward has to use the bike lane to go around the car?   
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Crowley Finally Returns Parking Placard
« Last post by wlirfan on Yesterday at 05:11:07 PM »
1.  Who cares
2.  Crowley is not the enemy.  The man in the WH is.
3.  If I had a parking permit, I'd hold onto it until they ripped it from my cold, dead body.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Communal Living/Paper Factory Hotel in LIC
« Last post by dssjh on Yesterday at 04:30:34 PM »
i do like the idea.very much. but Americans, even younger ones, will have a learning curve here. communal living requires a lot of giving, and that's something that most Americans don't put into practice very well yet. in 20 years, this will be common, i'd imagine.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Farine Baking Company - soon to open in Jackson Heights
« Last post by Donna on Yesterday at 04:07:37 PM »
I waited to go there and today I finally went there and it was quite crowded. I bought a fruit tart for $6. and fruit tarts normally have a crisp pastry surrounding it, I was extremely disappointed as it was so soggy and the fruit did not look like it was from today. Not a good first time experience. I had take out, if I sat there and tasted it, I would of taken it back to the counter
Neighborhood Chat / Communal Living/Paper Factory Hotel in LIC
« Last post by abcdefghijk on Yesterday at 03:07:59 PM »
I am a big believer in the future of communal living.

Yay for it coming to Queens!

I stopped in for a cranberry muffin on my way to work. It was incredibly delicious with a chewy/crusty exterior and custardy interior. At $3 still a deal compared to the stale pastries you get at Starbucks.
I am very worried for my waistline.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Travers Park Update
« Last post by EmmBee on Yesterday at 01:43:36 PM »

1) “official” dog run in new tennis area.  Shit stain city....

Uh oh.  I was really looking forward to making good use of that court once it warms up.  Maybe there should be signage that says dogs not allowed.  Is that something for the community board?
It's so crowded there with all the flavors of Jackson Heights, I doubt they'd miss anyone not going there...
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Hudson Yards opens this Friday, March 15, 2019
« Last post by abcdefghijk on Yesterday at 12:40:21 PM »
The policy apparently only applies to people who have signed up for a timed ticket to enter the Vessel.

So the Amazon package delivery example doesn’t apply.

I may still get an online tix and arrange to have my AMAZON package delivered there...  :D
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