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Restaurants & Food / Re: Cannelle Patisserie
« Last post by dssjh on Today at 11:02:35 AM »
Farine was also a full-service restaurant, offering meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While the chef had sandwiches on the menu, he also offered some pretty high-end stuff. I think the business model was predicated on continuing down that path, since a full kitchen and large dining space aren't exactly "bakery" things.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Cannelle Patisserie
« Last post by Matt on Today at 08:59:51 AM »
Do they have customers? I am wondering why they are doing ok but Farine is gone. Is north of Northern Blvd a different world?

They always have customers. The quality is exceptional and the prices are quite reasonable. If you've never been, go and you will understand.

I was not wondering about the quality of the food. I was wondering about the willingness of people to buy prepared food during covid. You can not reheat a layer cake.

The cheaper rent is one of the factors.

That wasn't clear from your question. Do you believe this is why Farine closed? Why would Farine be impacted by this and not other bakeries in the neighborhood?

Since Cannelle has been in business longer, they have had more time to develop a loyal customer base, which I'm sure helps. They also were quick to put safety measures in place after they reopened. Cannelle had long lines outdoors, limiting capacity indoors when grocery stores were doing the same. Farine did not appear to make much of an effort to reopen. Perhaps it wasn't feasible financially for them?
^yes, it was addressed. I'm disappointed at how many restaurants have completely ignored (or not bothered to use Google to find out) what the restrictions and requirements are for outdoor dining. I'm also disheartened at how many people are willingly cramming themselves in to fully enclosed boxes. It's like everyone has completely forgotten the nightmare we all lived through - and quite a few of us in this community did not survive - in the spring.

I won't be taking my meals at any indoor dining spaces until there's a vaccine and widespread vaccinations.

The city and state have imposed new rules for winter outdoor dining: A space will be considered indoor dining if more than 50 percent of its wall area is covered and be subject to the 25 percent capacity limit and other restrictions, including spacing tables six feet apart.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Stand Alone Cheese Shop
« Last post by Eastway on Today at 07:50:11 AM »
Check out their recently revamped online store:
Restaurants & Food / Re: Okawa Japanese restaurant
« Last post by Garsleat on Yesterday at 09:47:10 PM »
Got sushi lunch special take out today. Smooth process and friendly staff. Very affordable too.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Stand Alone Cheese Shop
« Last post by petegart on Yesterday at 08:18:37 PM »
Wanted to revive this thread.  This store is a genuine local gem.  If we happen to request a cheese they don’t have, they are knowledgeable and can suggest a substitute. 
The parmigiana there is perfect.  They have a good variety of delicious products! Please don’t let this business become another COVID victim.. 
Neighborhood Chat / Airplane noise- it's back!
« Last post by itsit on Yesterday at 07:24:24 PM »
 The planes are flying again and am hoping to god this isn't an aerial assault of Covid because we have been beseiged every other way. This is pretty scary although the vaccine news is the bright light out there. Here's hoping people love their communities enough to be extra careful this year with masks, distancing and staying home when possible.

  Please be safe neighbors!
Community Trade and Classifieds / TV stand - FREE
« Last post by Almondine on Yesterday at 02:36:19 PM »
TV stand. Dark brown. Solid wood. Sturdy. Heavy. Will need to bring someone to help you carry it down one flight of stairs. If you can carry it out, it’s yours FREE

47” L
24” D
23” H

Masks required
The location is NY Hall of Science.

Restaurants & Food / Re: Okawa Japanese restaurant
« Last post by mewmewlia on Yesterday at 12:25:25 AM »
We've ordered sushi for pickup from Okawa a few times since lockdown, including earlier this week. It's good! No issues. They're great about generously packing the fish in the maki rolls.
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