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Update on the newsstand NYC dropped onto a crowded 37th Avenue to compete with existing stores. If the city MUST allow this installation, perhaps it's time to change the law.
Pets and Animals / Re: Animal Care and control Brooklyn
« Last post by dotley on Today at 07:28:06 AM »
anyone interested in adopting or fostering Jaden his time is up today at 12N He is on the Pets on Death Row list  Unfortunately he was a "gift" and after four months the people decided that he was too active and dumped him at AC & C
you can email if interested.
Real Estate & Home Improvement / You Want Crazy Bulk?
« Last post by JoellenL07 on Today at 05:39:06 AM »
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Restaurants & Food / Re: Just Made for U
« Last post by ljr on Yesterday at 11:55:01 PM »
They always deliver promptly to us. We've really had no negative experiences with them except for maybe an occasional mistake like sending rice instead of potatoes--but no more than any other delivery place. We've found them consistently good.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Gelato in the hood
« Last post by francis on Yesterday at 08:02:08 PM »
The thing I like best about Cafe Bene is that they always have gelato and have a wider selection. I want to find out where they source it from bc it was pretty close to heaven. Lety's is very good if you like what they have when they have it
it's my corner, and i don't like it -- i patronize two newsstands that both exist within a block or two....and there's another one of these at 74th. they're ugly, charmless, they block traffic and they're NOT newsstands. anyone who grew up in, or has lived any length of time in new york city knows what a newsstand is.

but vandalizing the things? well, just vandalize your neighbor's house if you don't like what he or she does. or put a flaming bag of poop outside the door of the guy upstairs if he's too loud. let's not sink to that level, okay?
Pets and Animals / Re: Animal Care and control Brooklyn
« Last post by Ecowoodlandsprite on Yesterday at 07:19:12 PM »
Hi! I just emailed the Animal Care & Control website regarding Saffron/Luna. I would like to adopt her,  but I will be out of town from Saturday, July 2nd  to Sunday, July 10th. I'm not sure if she is still there or not--or if they would be willing to hold her for that long. According to the website, she is still there, but I am not sure how accurate that is....
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Parade Season 2016!
« Last post by CaptainFlannel on Yesterday at 06:24:21 PM »
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Parade Season 2016!
« Last post by Jeffsayyes on Yesterday at 05:57:17 PM »
They are all human parades. We need some non-human parades.
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