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Honestly I thought it was going to be a big deal. I researched how to use diffusers etc in anticipation as to how much I was going to hate it.

Unless you are a precise chef/cook, you will forget about the issue in about one minute.
Memorial for Slain NYPD Officers
The holiday tree lighting scheduled for this evening in Diversity Plaza today has been cancelled. Instead we will hold a vigil for the slain officers to condemn violence in all forms.
Please come in peace and dignity.
Monday, December 22, 5 p.m.
Diversity Plaza
37th Road and 74th Street, Jackson Heights

Organized by City Council Member Daniel Dromm & Friends of Diversity Plaza
Whoa - that stove is certainly a sacrifice! I suppose if a professional can get over it I probably can too, but man I never expected this from a pre-war building. Live and learn I guess. :)
Restaurants & Food / Re: Indian Food
« Last post by Superclam on Today at 01:26:03 PM »
I saw the thali during the momo crawl at that place on 37th (Thakali Kitchen,) so I'm going to try that when I get a chance.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Indian Food
« Last post by Jeffsayyes on Today at 01:14:49 PM »
momos comes from the north, most of the other cuisine comes from the south. It's so easy to eat at nepali places, just order a thali plate. You get about 5 or 6 things on a plate, and a lot of them are refillable with the non-main dishes. Def try Laliguras for casual, woodside cafe is great too. dhaulagiri i think is in limbo. can't go wrong with a thali.
Was just reading where someone couldn't remember shopping on Roosevelt Avenue with the exception of Keffas Florist and I remember going to the A&P on Roosevelt Avenue and 85th Street before the A&P opened on Northern Blvd between 81st and 82nd street. And also the Army Navy Surplus Store on Roosevelt and 83St. (Southside) and a great Italian Restaurant (cheap and cheerful) for Pizza and Spagetti name LIDO on Roosevelt and 81st Street and just thought of Sears Roebuck big store on Roosevelt and 86th Street, As well as a "FROZEN CUSTARD" store on Roosevelt and 83rd (which became a CARVEL) and on the corner of 82nd just past the Cushmans Bakery an ice cream parlor that I don't remember the name of, second only to "Joust" soda store on Northern Blvd. and 83rd next to Conways Funeral Parlor, and accross from the Boulevard Movie Theater and Maxie's "candy store" that sold the wonderful bulk Breyer's ice cream.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Indian Food
« Last post by Superclam on Today at 08:29:20 AM »
I really think Dera is by far the best here as a complete restaurant. That's if by Indian, you mean to include bangladesh and pakistan, which I think you should if you consider the buffets as Indian. A question is, should you consider Nepali as Indian too? I do not know.

Definitely Bangladeshi and Pakistani, I don't know enough about Nepali food to answer your question. I usually think of momos when I think of Nepali cuisine, but a quick look at the wikipedia entry shows an overlap with Indian food.
I really want to try some of the neighborhood's Nepali restaurants.
Restaurants & Food / Re: New Bhutanese restaurant
« Last post by Jeffsayyes on Yesterday at 12:08:47 PM »
lots of the himalayan places have a bhutanese menu (I know for sure Wasabi Point and GangJong), but this has always been variations of the dish erma datse - which is what the new place is called. I'm looking forward to finding out other dishes at the dedicated restaurant.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Amalgamated Bank closing?
« Last post by hagsrus on Yesterday at 11:58:21 AM »
Yes. I've searched but can't find anything in the area for which I'd qualify.
Neighborhood Chat / Vigil Tonight at the 115th Precinct
« Last post by Marlene on Yesterday at 11:18:44 AM »
To All:

Deanna Foote of Senator Peralta's Office has asked me to post this message.

Marlene Flores

In response to the absolutely terrible and senseless tragedy of NYPD officers
there will be a vigil held this evening.

The vigil will be tonight, Sunday, 12/21/14 at 6:00 pm
in front of the 115th Police Precinct, located at, 92-15 Northern Boulevard, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
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