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Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Washington Plaza
« Last post by jh35 on Today at 05:20:06 PM »

They can climb stucco, too!

Those hopping/jumping, gecko-like movements are quite something. Also the sound of the stucco bits falling off the wall was a nice touch.

Have people been moving into the renovated apartments lately? Has the work stoppage affected people?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: House of Horrors in Sunnyside
« Last post by CaptainFlannel on Today at 05:17:34 PM »
I would never buy in a building where this was in the lobby. At the very least, can this board president be ousted for financial malfeasance? He's no doubt lowering the property value of the condo owners, if they can even get someone to make an offer after walking through that lobby.
Major Flea Market Weekend; Three Big Fun Sidewalk Events; Saturday, August 26th; Sunday, August 27th; Heart of Historic Jackson Heights; Many Vendors; Best Buys on Everything

Saturday: August 26th: St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 33-50 82nd Street at 34th Avenue; 9:00AM-5:00PM; Flea Market wraps around Church front and side streets; front and side garden areas

Saturday, August 26th and Sunday, August 27th; Treasure Hunts Sidewalk Flea Market/PTA Fundraiser; PS69Q, The School of Cultural and Performing Arts; 9:00AM-5:00PM; along 37th Avenue; wraps around 77th/78th Streets

Sunday, August 27TH: Jackson Heights Plaza Cooperative Apartments Sidewalk Flea Market, Sunday, June 9th; 9:00AM-5:00PM; event wraps around 34-58 90th Street/34-59 89th Streets; Jackson Heights Plaza in the news; check out FleaMarketJacksonHeightsPlaza Facebook page; like us and see all of the fun pictures, comments, posts, Jackson Heights Post Article; contact
To all puppet theater lovers - this Sunday, the puppet mobile Cinderella Samba is performing at 11:00 in the lower basketball court area.
It was fabulous last year and drew a big crowd. Bring chairs or blankets if you like. And thanks once again to the Jackson Heights
Beautification Group (JHBG) Summer Sundays crew that works on this and all the other concerts many hours in advance.

 Really a great event!!
Restaurants & Food / Need to profile a process (food is topic)
« Last post by Rahim on Today at 11:50:23 AM »
So for this audio assignment, I want to profile a process of food. Someone doing something Eg: At a Coffee shop making coffee; chef  preparing and getting ready for luncheon. some process. Please contract me at
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Air Conditioner Repair
« Last post by jh35 on Today at 11:46:39 AM »
Looking for someone to fix mine.  It's not a major problem, probably plugged drain holes

We have used Air Wave for years.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: House of Horrors in Sunnyside
« Last post by jackinjh on Today at 11:31:07 AM »
Neighborhood Chat / Re: House of Horrors in Sunnyside
« Last post by rhydewithdis on Today at 11:24:58 AM »
it's a condo building but maybe there are many units still owned by the sponsor who is enabling this guys behavior. i can't imagine any other way this guy would be allowed to run the place
Community Groups, Activities & Events / JHBG THIS WEEKEND IN TRAVERS PWrk
« Last post by Scott on Today at 11:18:24 AM »
This weekend, Jackson Heights Beautification Group's Summer Sundays in the park has 2 performances.  A wonderful Theater performance on Saturday at 2 PM and a puppet show for kids on Sunday at 11 AM in the Basketball Court area.  There will be no music performance at 4 PM.  Next Sunday at 4 PM there will be our last music performance--Drumming.

JHBG – Summer (SATURDAY) Sunday’s in the Park
When:    Saturday, August 26th at 2 PM
Where:   Traver’s Park (78th Street and 34th Avenue)
What:      Theater for a New City * Saturday at 2 PM

JHBG – Summer Sunday’s in the Park
When:    Sunday, August 27th at 11 AM
Where:   Traver’s Park (78th Street and 34th Avenue)  in the BASKETBALL COURT
What:      PuppetMobile Cinderella Samba* at 11 AM
Neighborhood Chat / Re: House of Horrors in Sunnyside
« Last post by Lilybell on Today at 10:31:07 AM »
The dude responsible is the head of the condo board so I guess it would entail a coup.
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