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Title: Unlicensed drunk driver hits woman delivering food for covid charity
Post by: Shelby2 on June 25, 2020, 07:06:31 PM
This is such a horrible story. A drunk driver hit a woman who had founded a Covid 19 charity that delivered food to needy people. She was in the process of making a delivery and this guy hit her. Now she's on a ventilator. What I don't understand is his only instruction was "don't drive." He didn't have a license so that's a no brainer.


A motorist accused of speeding with an open can of beer before a crash that nearly killed a Queens mom making food deliveries for a coronavirus charity was released without bail Thursday and ordered not to drive anywhere in the state.

Luis Encalada told cops after Wednesday’s crash that he drank three beers and was driving without a license when his Honda sedan plowed into the back of an SUV along Northern Blvd., pinning Nancy Tituaña between the two vehicles.

Tituaña, 35, was delivering food for Brigada de Esperanza NY, a food charity she launched to help people affected by coronavirus, when Encalada’s out-of-control car struck her. The mother of three was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital Center in critical condition, leaving canned goods and produce scattered on the ground.

Authorities said Encalada had three times the legal limit of booze in his system when he crashed and an open can of Coors Light was visible in his SUV’s cup holder.

A member of the Brigada board, Alex Bautista, said Tituaña had a six-hour operation Wednesday followed by a five-hour operation Thursday.
Title: Re: Unlicensed drunk driver hits woman delivering food for covid charity
Post by: JHALUM on June 25, 2020, 11:41:25 PM
Three times the legal limit and an open container in his car and bail reform let's him walk - unreal!!