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Title: PS 89 1951 (!)
Post by: wellbeings77 on October 06, 2019, 08:57:29 PM
Anyone happen to go there then? I was in Mr. O'Neill's 7th grade class with some wonderful, intelligent and creative people, mostly in Elmhurst across Roosevelt Ave, but I lived in JH (89St). Just curious. I returned to JH after (gulp!) 70 years or so and would love to meet some kindred souls, interested in animal rights, earth rights, civil rights, the arts and the spiritual life.
I teach yoga, meditation, Pilates, Stretch and more. Was a professional modern dancer in my younger years. Ran an animal rescue group for many years. Am very committed to a healthy lifestyle, enjoy farmers' market and organic food, cooking and am still - at my advanced age- teaching, in fact for NY Sports Club and privately.  Would love to hear from similarly-minded folk. Thank you! Mrs. G. Mayer on 35th Ave/82nd St.