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Title: Artist's studio space available for rent, work only
Post by: debwass on January 04, 2018, 01:19:49 PM
Hi there,

A workspace is becoming available at Mondo Studios on 55th Street, Woodside, Queens, NY.
It's an up and coming area with small businesses flourishing all around and our rent is still reasonable.
The space is very close to the Northern BLVD subway stop, Home Depot, Michael's, Starbucks (tools, art supplies, and coffee-everything an artist needs...).
This particular studio (working only, no living) is a part of a larger studio complex.
It's 12" x 15" sq and it has a skylight in the center, no windows.  Access to the studio is 14/7, Wi-Fi included and a shared kitchen/common area.
Monthly rent $475 with an option for yearly renewal.
Please email me directly if interested.
Space is available on March 1st, possibly earlier.
Happy snow day to all of you!
Deb :)