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Title: Looking for long-lost relative from Jackson Heights
Post by: lobster on March 09, 2016, 10:45:57 AM
Greetings, all -- I have been looking in vain for some relatives that lived in JH but have come up with dead ends in my searching, so I thought I'd take a shot in the dark and post here.

The quick backstory is that my paternal grandfather (originally from Scotland) had some secrets that none of us were aware of until we stumbled upon a treasure trove of material indicating that he had a brother who lived at 3136 77th Street in Jackson Heights in the 1940s.  Of course, I presume the brother himself is long gone, but he had two daughters (aged 19 and 22 at the time) and so I was hoping to find any shred of evidence of their existence beyond what I already have -- which is a Draft Registration Card and the 1940 Census data.

They cool thing about the 1940 census data is that they had randomly selected 1 out of every 20 people and questioned them a little more in detail, and the man's wife was one of these.  But this is all I have to go on -- the fact that they had two girls makes it much harder to search because of possible future married names; I thought I'd maybe try to search through yearbooks of the surrounding schools during that time but there are tons of schools in that area, and that still wouldn't reveal anything about their future names or whereabouts. 

The parents are Andrew McKee and Elizabeth McKee originally from Dailly Scotland; lived at 3136 77th Street around 1940, Andrew was employed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and the daughters, Ellen McKee (22) and Agnes McKee (19) were "clerks" at "Towel Supply" and "Beverage Co" respectively (as the census puts it) ...  Of course, they very well could have gone back to Scotland not long after then, but if they happened to stick around the JH/Queens area and have children, that'd be fascinating; I just don't know how to search any further based on what I have....

So!  If anyone has any ideas that could help me look deeper into the whereabouts of these people, that would be extraordinary.  Here is the fellow's draft card:


And the Census data:


Any sort of direction anyone can point me would surely be appreciated!

Thanks much