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Restaurants & Food / Re: FRESH Spi'L't Milk
« Last post by hagsrus on Yesterday at 08:09:03 PM »
Disabled Foodie: sorry you couldn't get in. Here's hoping they will take note before the official opening. Very glad to see you posting, regardless. Do you still have a blog? I haven't seen any update for months.
Restaurants & Food / Re: The 7 Train to Nepalese Breakfast
« Last post by dssjh on Yesterday at 08:01:22 PM »
no less healthy than eggs and bacon. or pancakes and sausage. or a bagel slathered in cream cheese.
Restaurants & Food / Re: FRESH Spi'L't Milk
« Last post by dssjh on Yesterday at 08:00:35 PM »
that's bad. but it sounds like things that could be remedied. i hope they can do so. and i hope the staff learns how to help customers who need it.
Restaurants & Food / Re: FRESH Spi'L't Milk
« Last post by thedisabledfoodie on Yesterday at 06:00:54 PM »
I use a wheelchair. My coworkers were raving about the food today, so I wanted to check it out this afternoon. I got there, and a passerby saw me struggling to get up the small, steep ramp while trying to open the door at the same time. I couldn't do it, so he tried to help me. The one open door (it's a double door with one locked side) is too narrow for my standard width chair to pass through. The staff inside just stared as I struggled trying to get inside, and didn't offer to help at all. The door is a double door, so both sides could have been opened by staff, but as I said, they just stared. I never got inside. The ramp appears to be steeper than the ADA 1:12 ratio regulation for restaurants. ADA says that any restaurant that renovates must be brought 100% up to code. Very disappointed.
Restaurants & Food / Re: FRESH Spi'L't Milk
« Last post by the80s on Yesterday at 04:57:32 PM »
Can't wait to check this place out! Seems like a great addition.

Any insight as to the very strange name, which hardly seems to describe what they are doing?
Lalochezia--ha ha ha. I enjoyed your post. Especially the part about mediocre restaurants that offer the same cuisine we already have so much of. It's so disappointing. The new health food place is a great addition, from the sound of it. I already heavily patronize Just Made 4 You but would love an additional choice along those lines. Though I think the new place is vegetarian only, so that's limited. And isn't the bagel shop re-opening as a Greek restaurant? I have high hopes for that--my favorite kind of food and hard to find around here. Almost tempts me to move to Astoria.

These conversations about what we want here in JH are just exercises in frustration. How would we get any of these fantastic things like a community center with a pool and indoor/outdoor playspace? We can't even get a for-profit health club chain with really good facilities/classes here. Who would fund such a community center? Sigh.
Restaurants & Food / Re: FRESH Spi'L't Milk
« Last post by Jhlobo on Yesterday at 04:20:36 PM »
I checked it out today and everything I tasted was delicious. Had the grilled cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and sampled the pea soup, acai, and ricotta sandwich.  Breakfast items will be available all day. Nice interior. Super friendly staff. They told me menus are coming soon.
Great addition to Jackson Heights.
For fresh fish Mi Tierra on 81st and Northern Blvd has a great fresh fish counter. Pretty recently opened.

It has already reverted to its non-fish counter function.
Restaurants & Food / Re: The 7 Train to Nepalese Breakfast
« Last post by Lilybell on Yesterday at 11:01:20 AM »
Doesn't look too healthy.

So what?  If you read the article, you would have seen that the Nepalese generally eat small breakfasts and this is considered a special treat. 

Kind of like how we'll eat waffles for breakfast once in a rare while...

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