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Neighborhood Chat / Re: car horns at night
« Last post by Shelby2 on Today at 09:06:35 AM »
I'm fortunate not to have this problem since my unit faces the garden, but I just wondered if Citiquiet windows might solve the problem?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: The Eclipse in JH
« Last post by BEB on Today at 08:50:38 AM »
Same. I am new to the area and was encouraged by a neighbor to go to Travers Park for viewing. So glad I did. It was such a nice time sharing the wonders of nature with such an eclectic, generous and enthusiastic group. What a treat for a Monday afternoon!
Neighborhood Chat / Re: car horns at night
« Last post by BEB on Today at 08:45:39 AM »
Hi European, Can I ask your general location?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: car horns at night
« Last post by European on Today at 04:43:57 AM »
4:30 AM! This time I saw who was honking 5 times in the middle of residental neighborhood!! USPS big truck! Extremely loud. How can I complain? I know we live in a big city, I really don't mind noise in general, but this is so disrespectful.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: car horns at night
« Last post by European on Yesterday at 11:41:00 PM »
11:30 PM and some idiot is honking like crazy! I didn't bother to look through the window, but it's usually limo driver, or whoever. Of course, they woke up the baby, this just drives me nuts!
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Bathroom renovation in coop apartment
« Last post by petegart on Yesterday at 07:05:39 PM »
Call Bob O'Connor at Elmwood plumbing. He will know of it's possible to salvage.. 
Neighborhood Chat / The Eclipse in JH
« Last post by itsit on Yesterday at 06:41:41 PM »
 Wanted to mention the quiet but fun spirit in the neighborhood with eclipse viewers of all stripes. Everyone was smiling and sharing and happy. Felt similar to venturing out after a big snowfall. Anyone else?
Hi All,

We are selling a much loved yellow and silver adult one-speed, fat-tired cruising bike along with a mint condition Topeak child seat that holds up to 50 pounds.  The child seat clicks onto the rear of the bike.  The bike has no seat, but otherwise it is in excellent working condition.  $100 for both items, preferably sold together.  Please contact me, Jiro, here if you are interested. 
Neighborhood Chat / PS 69?
« Last post by JHReader on Yesterday at 06:18:05 PM »
Does anyone know anything about the assistant principal position at PS 69? A friend just let me know that they are hiring an assistant principal (, and I am curious if any parents know what's going on. Thanks!
Restaurants & Food / Re: What will happen to Arepa Lady?
« Last post by abcdefghijk on Yesterday at 05:20:52 PM »
I have another idea.

They are well known enough to go upstairs in the new Bruson Building.
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