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I'm looking to rent out a parking space for my car "Sedan" around the area of 86st and 35ave. If anything is available please feel free to shoot me an Email At:

Thank you in advance.
Neighborhood Chat / vehicle hit and run on 34th ave
« Last post by Ed on Today at 06:57:11 PM »
Sorry I didn't get a picture, by the time I had my phone out and turned on the car was out of range.
This was across the street from Travers Park, an older gray Scion xB parked on 34th  Ave. got hit in the rear by a blue sedan (kind of looked like a Saturn Ion?) and the driver of that car made no pretense of stopping, turned up 78th toward 35th and drove away. Driver was a young male, dark hair and beard...
Neighborhood Chat / Queens D.A. Candidate Forum on June 3 in Sunnyside
« Last post by scsny on Today at 05:10:22 PM »
Queens D.A. Candidate Forum
Monday, June 3, 6.30 p.m.
Sunnyside Community Services, 43-31 39th Street, right off Queens Boulevard.

Learn more about the candidates and where they stand on issues important to you at a Candidate Forum hosted by Sunnyside Community Service and Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement on Monday, June 3rd at 6.30 p.m. The candidates confirmed to participate are

- Tiffany Caban
- Melinda Katz
- Rory Lancman
- Greg Lasak
- Betty Lugo (tentative)
- Mina Malek
- Jose Nieves

The forum will be moderated by Beth Fertig of WNYC.

The primary election for the Queens District Attorney race is Tuesday, June 25.

Attendance is free but you must register in advance on Eventbrite or SCS' Facebook page at 

Submit questions for consideration to
Restaurants & Food / Re: Stand Alone Cheese Shop
« Last post by dssjh on Today at 05:07:22 PM »
they've put up a fresh awning and they had the blinds open doesn't look radically different in terms of layout, but i think the shelving along the wall (for non refrigerated items) is new. so it looks like it won't be too long.....
Restaurants & Food / Re: Stand Alone Cheese Shop
« Last post by jeanette on Today at 04:02:49 PM »
Finally made a right turn to Key Food on Northern & 86th. No French imports in the cheese section, not today anyway. At least four Greek cheeses though, a Spanish one or two, and the usual Dutch and Italian.

Looking forward to Stand Alone Cheese opening.
I just used Andrew Bartels for my kitchen renovation in my JH co-op with IKEA cabinets (Semihandmade fronts).

Beautiful renovation, Nicole. I love your floor — and that light fixture! Is that from Schoolhouse Electric?

The light fixtures are Rejuvenation. The floor is Ann Sacks Ermanno Geometric.  I kind of went deep into the Art Deco styling. Did I see yours on Sweeten? What a great dramatic backsplash.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Favorite Trader Joes products
« Last post by Liz on Today at 09:51:32 AM »
Just discovered the jalopeno sauce as well and love it!  I buy nuts and froz vegs at TJs - good value and quality.  I bought a ham there for Easter and it was great!  I also find they have low sodium items that I can't find elsewhere - snacks and salsa.  I like the frozen appetizers - pigs in a blanket, etc.  The flourless chocolate cake is wonderful.  I buy produce there - I thinks it's better quality than most of the places in JH excluding the farmer's market and I like their cheese selection.  I use the almond meal and other specialty flours from there and I like their toiletries too. I usually buy their frozen chicken and fish to keep on hand. The organic nut butters are a great deal too. Not a huge fan of a lot of their frozen meals - I find them hit and miss.  I love their 0% greek yogurt - it is the sourest yogurt! and better than any other variety I've had including fage.
Restaurants & Food / Re: New Phayul Open!
« Last post by dssjh on Today at 08:51:25 AM »
i hope so, too. they seem to be doing even *more* storage at that house around the corner -- the one that recently sold for $1.5 million (!).
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Commuting from Jackson Heights to midtown
« Last post by am315 on Today at 07:34:35 AM »
ShinukuBaby...what route do you take?
LOL I have no idea who you, Lynne Brophy are but we have the exact opposite tastes/memories concerning the teachers you named. I had Mrs. Levy in the 4th Grade (I think it was 1961) and she was one of the nicest, kindest teachers I ever had. I had Mr. Jacobowitz  who changed his name to Javits in the beginning of the 5th grade and he was one of the nastiest most miserable vile people I have ever had the misfortune to know. I had forgotten about him till now- thanks for reminding me of a truly evil human being I had forgotten about for over 50 years! Luckily after a few months they transferred part of the class including me to Mrs. Millstein's class. who was so-so. Jacobowirz was such a nasty work of art he tried to get a kid transferred out of the school (I don't remember if he did) because he lived a few blocks out of the district. The rest of your memories I share good thoughts on but that fish store that sold French Fries was not open that long or kids were forbidden to buy French Fries their or something- Maybe my nutso mother whose still living forbade me to go there in one of her insane actions. I have memories of being insane myself of going to the 78 street park in the middle of a freezing winter with ice on the ground & playing basketball on the courts when I was 14 a few times.

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