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I don't think anyone interprets that "15 minutes to midtown" claim as door-to-door commuting time. Everyone assumes it means the time you spend on the train, not getting to the station or getting from the train to your office. I think it's true that both on the F and E you can get to midtown in about 15 minutes if the train is running well. I take the F to Bryant Park and 42nd every day, and that's pretty accurate unless there are delays. My husband used to take the E to 5th and 53rd at it was also about 15 minutes. Our walk to those trains is about 7 minutes, so we do have commuting times that are quite good.
I have timed the "F" train ride from Roosevelt Avenue to Times Square (6th Avenue) at 16 minutes.  That does not include walking to the train, waiting for the train, walking to your final destination or any train delays or slow downs.  Real-time commute to midtown generally runs 35-40 minutes on average.  But wouldn't a 15-minute commute be heaven?   
That "15 min to time sq" comment is far from reality.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: The Amenities Game
« Last post by itsit on Today at 01:46:45 PM »
 FYI- The original post was related to a question about the roof. So if nothing is on your roof now what are the plans
going forward as though this was now a standard amenity in Jackson Heights. Would love a roof deck with energy
conservation/solar but can't see it happening anytime soon in our building. A terrace would be swell but as noted,
they don't seem to be used all that often. Our garden is very seldom used though so that's a wash. Fun to speculate
Neighborhood Chat / Astoria 30th Ave and 36th Ave N/W stations re-opened
« Last post by Shelby2 on Today at 12:40:14 PM »
The N/W stations in Astoria that had been closed for about 8 months are now open again.

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Crowley/Ocasio-Cortez Debate on NY1
« Last post by Beherenow on Today at 11:18:09 AM »
At the New Visions meeting, Danny Dromm spoke out against her because early on, she and her people treated it as part of the staid old Democratic machine, as opposed to a relatively independent progressive club. They actually threatened to picket one of the meetings. She sent out some nasty tweets about him.  Apparently some of this is very personal and I'm sure she has explanations, but it does show she has not been very smart about local politics. You're not going to find a more progressive City Council Member than Danny Dromm...She snubbed him.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Crowley/Ocasio-Cortez Debate on NY1
« Last post by Beherenow on Today at 11:06:02 AM »
I don't know what people are expecting one Member of Congress to "deliver" locally. He was and is on the right side of the most important issues.  At the debate, he pointed out that he actively resisted Obama's immigrant detention policies that, for awhile, were odious to the progressive left (and to me!). He said he favored single payer health insurance and elsewhere has supported Medicare for All. Yes, he gets funded by corporations and banks, but he pushed hard for Dodd-Frank. This is a national emergency. He might be the next Speaker of the House which would give this District a concrete chance to do something about that emergency. Among other things, it would mean all the energies now being dedicated to defeating him could be dedicated to keeping him honest and true to his values once he is elected. But this is precisely the wrong time to bring in an untested newcomer
Neighborhood Chat / Re: A Tree in Jackson Heights
« Last post by jeanette on Yesterday at 09:02:47 PM »
The linden trees on 88th and 89th have bloomed. There are four on 88th a bit south of 35th Avenue (three are on the east side of the street), and one on 89th, also a bit south of 35th.

Worth a stroll.

An interesting aside...a few years ago I was caught in stormy weather, and when I passed under the lindens I stepped on a branch and was stung by a wasp. So beware, they are truly alive.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Crowley/Ocasio-Cortez Debate on NY1
« Last post by rosie on Yesterday at 05:12:34 PM »
I've just had a light bulb moment....

How many people would vote for Crowley if he resigned as Chair of Queens Democratic Party effective immediately?
It's on the top 5 reasons most have such an ugly feeling about him.

I still wouldn't. After so many years in office, he doesn't have much to show his local constituents. I really think we can do better.
Community Groups, Activities & Events / Mandarin Classes for Kids
« Last post by shazza09 on Yesterday at 04:39:22 PM »
Do you have a child between 2 and 7 who would love to enjoy learning a new language?
Mandarin classes for children are starting in Jackson Heights on Saturday, June 30th from 10-11:15am.
Games, songs, movement and craft activities are all used to help young children learn to speak, read, and write Chinese. No prior knowledge necessary.
It's pay as you go ($15 per class for one child and $22 for 2+ children).
Please message me with the age of your child, if interested.
Spaces are limited to 8 children.
Thank you,
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