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Daniel Dromm's office is still in need of costumes for children 1-4 years and 12 years and up both boys and girls.
Please consider donating a new costume.
thank you
Restaurants & Food / Re: What are the best tacos in JH?
« Last post by knatchez on Yesterday at 11:09:26 PM »
Tacos al Suadero at 90th and Roosevelt.
Restaurants & Food / Re: What are the best tacos in JH?
« Last post by wallaby on Yesterday at 10:53:42 PM »
i used to love tortilleria nixtamal, but my last two meals there weren't stellar. I still think they make a solid margarita and I like the space a lot...maybe I just happened to hit two off days in a row?

I like Juquila, and the trucks on 75th and roosevelt.
Flushing Town Hall presents a concert celebrating 100 years of jazz icons Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk and their essential contributions to the jazz vernacular, featuring NEA Jazz Masters Kenny Barron on piano, Jimmy Heath on saxophone, Jimmy Owens on trumpet, and Jimmy Cobb on drum, joined by Lew Tabackin on saxophone, and Rufus Reid on bass.
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Washington Plaza
« Last post by Lilybell on Yesterday at 02:39:04 PM »
BTW how's the super situation and the etiquette for this complex? At my current building I'd tip the super for small stuff and pay him a certain rate for more involved jobs (like replacing old radiator or broken cabinets and such). I assume here's the same?

Hi, it's the same here. The super is helpful by nature and he is really appreciative of people who respect his time and tip him and his staff. I tip him for small stuff, like helping me move a sofa and pay him market rate for a project. I gave him a lump sum when I switched buildings and he put up all of my blinds and ceiling lights for me. They'll do bigger projects as well - I know he put in new tile for someone who didn't like the grey tile in the bathrooms.

I do know that he hates it when people knock on his apartment door. I can't believe how many people pester him at home.

I like it cool but i always thought 55 degrees was much too low.  I have had neighbors though that used to call the super because they thought their apartment was too cold and when they checked it was 75-80 inside the apartment but still not warm enough for them.  When you have to pay to provide your own heat you get used to wearing a sweater/sweatshirt during the winter.  Now I  keep my thermostats set at 64 degrees from 10PM to 7AM and 68 degrees the rest of the time
Restaurants & Food / Re: What are the best tacos in JH?
« Last post by Lilybell on Yesterday at 01:16:24 PM »
Taqueria Coatzingo at Roosevelt and 76th, maybe?  I admit I stopped going because I thought they went downhill. But I haven't been there for about 4 years so maybe they've gotten better. Has anyone been lately?

Also, the taco trucks outside the Roosevelt Ave. subway are good.
I thought it was Mollie and Ollie's store.  What years did you live here?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Amazon HQ2 in LIC? Yay or Nay?
« Last post by JHMNY on Yesterday at 12:22:31 PM »
The article cites housing development in LIC, but how much of it is geared for family lifestyles?  I have friends currently renting an apartment on Center Blvd. in LIC.  They've made the decision to purchase in a more family friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn.  I'm sure there are plenty of young and older professionals with similar mindsets.  If Amazon does land in Queens, I'd expect to see a lot of change to accommodate what's lacking.
Restaurants & Food / Re: What are the best tacos in JH?
« Last post by Cassat on Yesterday at 11:01:16 AM »
Ok thanks, both!
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