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Jackson Heights Comic Book fans?


Hey JHers, anyone into reading comics/graphic novels? Where do you go on Wednesdays for your stash? I think our nabe could use a comic book shop, seems like it would be cool have mainstream and indy publishers as well as international books from just about anywhere.

I try and steer clear of the big two, but I can't help myself with DC, esp. Wonder Woman, and recently Action Comics (anything Gary Frank does, I have to check it out.) Also I read, B.P.R.D., The Spirit, Powers, Lobster Johnson, Umbrella Academy, and any other indy type book I can find that looks interesting. I usually hit Midtown Comics now (pretty quick trip on the 7 train) but I'd love to find out if there are any closer shops that are good.

There used to be Discount Books on 77th and 37th ave which used to sell comics and had accounts for its customers (my number was 107).
I bought my first Fantastic Four there when John Byrne started his stint back in 82.  There used to be another store which was more of soda shop on the corner of 79th and 37th ave. It was run by this guy who sold mainly old comics. I remember he had lots old issues of Submariner, X-Men (even an X-Men #1). I used to love going in there since many of the comics had this aged smell to them. That would be cool if there was a store. Its hard to find comic shops in the Queens area.

in Queens in general

well i know about to shops

one is in ditmars last stop of the n train (its in the actual train station)

and there is one around 38th street and 30th avenue around steinway


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