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Doshi Science Research Program
« on: January 16, 2008, 10:01:54 AM »
This is an interesting opportunity for high school students with an interest in science, funded by the owner of Doshi Diagnostics.

Doshi Research Program Is Hailed At Bowne HS
by Liz Rhoades, Managing Editor

   Calling it a premier high school science research program for Queens, John Bowne High School officials on Friday dedicated its Doshi lab at the Flushing school.

   Although the program has been in existence at the school since 1999, it is now a Department of Education screened program, where outstanding math and science students can pursue research as part of their curriculum.

   The Doshi Difference Science Research Program, which imposes admissions standards, now has 70 participating students, each with an average of at least 85 percent. The unique program is sponsored by Dr. Leena Doshi, who owns a chain of diagnostic clinics in Queens, and wanted to give back to the community.

   She acknowledged receiving a lot of academic help growing up in India, especially in math and science.

   Her gift to Bowne High School started as an after-school program, but has expanded over the years into a full-blown research endeavor. Arlene Zuefle, a Bowne administrator, likens it to programs at Bronx High School of Science and Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan.

   â€œNow students don’t have to go out of Queens to a prestigious science and math research program,” she said. “We have it right here.”

   Zuefle hopes that students from outside the Flushing area will apply to go to Bowne because of the Doshi program.

   It is believed that Doshi gives the school at least $100,000 a year to operate the program.

   Felicia Bifulco, Doshi program coordinator, said with the DOE’s approval, the program has reached a new level. “It is now open for incoming freshmen from across the city in the fall,” she said. “We will double the number of students next year.”

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Doshi Science Research Program
« on: January 16, 2008, 10:01:54 AM »