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Immigrant-Run Businesses


This website provides a fascinating series mutli-media reports on immigrant entrepreneurship in New York City:

Setting Up Shop: Immigrant Entrepreneurs in NYC

One of the businesses featured is Monika Polish Meat and Deli (80-10 37th Avenue), which they refer to as "My Place Deli"

I watched the Polish Deli segment and was pleasantly surprised that the shop is run by a Dominican woman.

So does that mean the Polish deli is no longer for sale - for such a long time there was a huge sign in the window saying it was for sale.  Maybe the Dominican woman bought it recently?

It's funny - when I've gone in there I've always assumed the older Polish lady who is sometimes behind the counter was the owner and not the Dominican woman.  This seemed like a logical assumption, but since I recently learned that the Italian deli across the street is owned by a Korean, I think I will stop assuming.

The video was interesting - thanks, Toddg.


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