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Can anyone recommend a digital phone service?


We've been thinking of discontinuing our land line telephone service with Verizon and opting for a digital phone service instead.  Any recommendations out there?  I see that Vonage's price is $24.99, which is cheaper than the service offered by TWC.  Our building intercom system operates via our telephone line.  Would a digital phone affect our intercom service?  Does anyone else have the two working well together?  At the moment, this is the only reason we've held off on making the switch.

We use Vonage and that has worked well for the last 2 years or so.
Vonage is different as it requires internet access. We use TW for that. The Vonage service is about 25+tax. Different  model the what TW offers but the same thing in the end. Also it would not interfere with your intercom.
Just my $.02.

So besides the additional tax that is added to the $24.99, there are no hidden surcharges?  How do you feel about possible digital down time and no direct 911 calling?  I have to admit, these are other reasons why I'm apprehensive about giving up the land line phone.  I remember during the most recent black out, my little old fashioned land line phone that I keep tucked away in the closet for emergencies was the only way I was able to communicate that day.  My everyday cordless system that has a digital voice mail box and runs on electricity of course went down too.

You still get 911 you just need to register you phone. Also if you use TW and the power goes, it is not clear to me if they still supply service for any extended period of time, TW is just on the grid like you and me just a much bigger customer, I believe.
I have some similar concerns  about backup service but I don't see it worth 75+ a month for a once every couple of years event. We have compinsated with having plans in the case of events.
My total bill comes to  about $31 all taxes and charges.

I have thought about just having a local line set for my phone but just that with no out bound service runs almost 40. the last time I looked. 

I've had AT&T's Callvantage for about four years and the service is really good. I also like the web interface -- very user friendly. But...I haven't checked into any of the others since going with AT&T so others may offer more features/lower pricing at this point.


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