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Petition started for "compromise" on 34th Ave Open Streets

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--- Quote ---Traffic fatalities have risen dramatically since the onset of the pandemic because of the nonsense of open streets, bike boulevards, and outdoor dining sheds
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How does the chart posted from Transportation Alternatives support the claim of causality? (It doesn't)


--- Quote from: StevenGrey on September 16, 2021, 01:16:10 PM ---There's clearly no point in trying to engage with you further on this matter since we are both firmly entrenched in our positions.

As you previous stated, people only see what they want to see and that is certain true for you and other members of the anti-car crowd. Maybe if you owned a car and drove these city streets as I do, you'd be more aware of all the pedestrians and cyclists who ignore their own safety, common sense, and the rules of the road, placing themselves and others in danger.

Just curious if the NYPD keeps data on tickets given to cyclists and pedestrians? Maybe more enforcement there would help, no?

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This is quite true. I own a car but don't use it very often. The amount of times a pedestrian just wandered into the intersection against the light as I'm coming to it consistently takes me aback. There's been a couple that have stared me down as they are doing it like they aren't the one doing something wrong. There's enough blame here to go all around for making mistakes whether intentional or not. I'm hyper vigilant when I'm driving, but there's not much I can do about people who don't also follow the rules or think they can just bend them if it seems safe to.

If you are having issues with the Open Street and want a COMPROMISE, please check out this site. If you agree with what is said, please sign the petition

Similarly, if you like 34th Avenue Open Street, and would like to see improvements made for pedestrian and cyclist safety, accessibility, space and programs for public schools, etc., be sure to check out this petition:


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