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Petition started for "compromise" on 34th Ave Open Streets

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This past week, the City Council approved making the Open Streets program permanent. Since the mayor suggested this originally, I think it's safe to predict he will sign this. Streetsblog is reporting on a petition to compromise on creating a permanent green space on 34th Ave. The "compromise" is long on promise but short on details. Everyone will get everything, but it doesn't appear obvious to me who will make these things happen. The article is at and the petition is at
The article quotes a supporter who says that tens of thousands of people use the open street each day. If that is not an exaggeration, then by all means support the petition! I haven't seen any real count of how many different people use 34th Ave, but if there is one please post a link so I can educate myself.

Whatever happens, someone has to prevent delivery scooters and electric bicycles from using this street when other vehicular traffic is prohibited. They rarely follow posted speed limits, often ignore traffic signals, and don't seem to understand that this is supposed to be a pedestrian pathway, not a short cut set up for their convenience.

  I think this summers activities and the actual use of 34th Ave will play a big role in how the final decisions are made about permanence. We need to see what the electric vehicles situation is, large group cyclists moving through en masse and ultimately, in the fall, when we have a closer to normal situation we will see if commuter and local small business traffic can withstand this closure for this times that are currently in use. Things could change a lot once we see how the summer goes.

this is actually not the real petition for compromise, it is to create a linear park in 34th Ave. has been the group that's been working on reaching a compromise and has its own petition. You need to stop lying to people and trying to pass as this is our compromise campaign. I don't know how your group is so comfortable with being this way, but you should really stop.

The people who have found out what the petition was really for feel lied to. This is the real petition for compromise in you will see more information.

there's so much anger in the anti-open street group. i was lukewarm in favor of 34th remaining open until the shouting started and pushed me firmly into that camp.

 That's funny because I see a lot of anger, evasiveness and manipulation on both sides. It's an unpleasant situation and there is a need for some political or governmental group to see who is really doing the work to keep 34th Ave open vs. who is wanting some personal gain as leader or innovator or god knows what. They are dedicated volunteers and then there are people who are spouting lot's of crazy here. The whole Open Streets story with restaurants, etc. will probably not be decided this year either. The variety of experiences that are good and bad needs to stabilize to properly evaluate a change that is this big and this sudden.
 Personally, think the good parts of 34th Open Streets is negated by the excessively long hours with sometimes very little use and the length of blocks that is so much larger than any other street closure in all of NYC by a lot! Feel sorry for anyone trying to sell property on 34th Ave.


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