Author Topic: Jackson Heights in the Curbed Cup  (Read 8090 times)

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Re: Jackson Heights in the Curbed Cup
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The one that surprises me most is that Coney Island won over upper West Side- or am I reading that wrong?

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Re: Jackson Heights VS. The Financial District
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Have to say the people are at their creative best when describing their "love" for JH.

Here are some of my favs:

Jackson Heights? Gimme a fuckin break. i grew up in that shit hole, and am happier than ever that I am now out of there.

Um, last time I checked, Jackson Heights was a shit bomb. And I last checked about 3 weeks ago.


The "hsitoric disctrict" in JH is NOT beautiful, by any realistic sense of the word!!!!. GET OVER IT ALREADY! JH IS A DUMP SLUM.

Jackson Heights/Woodside -- best food (if you like cheap fast food garbage) in NYC.

and last but not least, this one is the clincher:

Crackson Heights FTW!

"Shit Bomb" is my new favorite saying.


These people who are quoted have a severe case of head-stuck-in-ass. 

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Jackson Heights Life

Curbed Cup 2nd Round:Jackson Heights vs Tribeca
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