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Title: Music Together, Nationwide Early Childhood Music Program in Jackson Heights
Post by: diandron on April 07, 2008, 11:22:33 PM
Spring is here and KIDS MUSIC TOGETHER just started our Spring semester on APRIL 1st. There are still some spots available.  Please come join us for a trial class if you are new to this nationwide, amazing early childhood music program.  Please visit our website: www.kidsmusictogether.com for all details and to register or schedule a tryout class.

Check out our Spring schedule below and NOTE that we are offering a few new classes for more inquiries as well as a Babies Class this term for babies 8 months and younger-and the grown-ups who love them! If you have any inquiries about this class or class time please contact SeungHee at the address below. Other classes are mixed-age, plus there are two 3's and up classes.

Kids Music Together in Jackson Heights/Woodside/Sunnyside will start up the Spring semester on April 1st for 10 weeks with MARACAS collection.-every semester there is a new set of music to sing and enjoy!

There are classes from Monday through Saturday in the spring with different teachers on each day. We have teachers with extraordinary experience with their own musical careers and education on staff. You can check out our teachers' bios on our website: www.KidsMusicTogether.com

Here is our spring schedule. Please contact SeungHee immediately at the email address below for inquiries.

The classes meet at the Community Church (81-10 35th Ave.). Call to reserve a spot for a demo class as soon as possible. The spots are already getting filled quickly!

Please don't miss out on this great experience of 45-minutes of PURE FUN with your child every week!

In Jackson Heights;

@Community Church( 81-10 35th Ave.)

Mon. 3:00pm(infants-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Mon. 4:00pm(3-5 yrs)-SeungHee

Wed. 9:30am(infants-4 yrs)-Diane

Wed. 10:30am(infants-4 yrs)-Diane

Fri. 9:30am(infants-4 yrs)-Melissa

Fri. 10:30am(infants- 4 yrs)-Melissa

Fri. 12:00pm(under 8 months)-SeungHee

Fri. 1:00pm(infants-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Sat. 9:30am(infants-4 yrs)-Diane

Sat. 10:30am(3-5 yrs)-Diane

Sat. 11:30am(infants-4 yrs)-Diane

In Sunnysid/Woodside;

Woodside Ballet (49-10 43rd Ave.)

Tue. 9:30am(infants-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Tue. 10:30am(infants-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Thu. 9:30am(infants-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Thu. 10:30am(infans-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Thu. 11:30am(infants-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Sun. 9:30am(infants-4 yrs)-SeungHee

Sun. 10:30am(3-5 yrs)-SeungHee

The tuition is $210 for returning families,

$220 for new families for 10 weeks of Spring session and a set of music with 2 CDs+songbook.

NOTE: There will be no classes between April 21st-27th and May 24th-26th.

Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for infants,toddlers,preschoolers, and the adults who love them! Since 1987, it pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate, early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement.

Registration has started and a few classes are filling up already so hurry and join Kids Music Together! Call or email with inquiries.

Happy Holidays!

SeungHee Han, Director

phone; 718-940-1117

email; info@KidsMusicTogether.com / music2jh@yahoo.com www.KidsMusicTogether.com

office address;

488 Ocean Pkwy. #5G,

Brooklyn, NY 11218

Title: Re: Music Together, Nationwide Early Childhood Music Program in Jackson Heights
Post by: KC on May 07, 2008, 04:41:01 PM
Music Together is the highlight of my daughter's week.

It is an excellent program.   :)