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Asian Taste 86
« on: February 24, 2017, 07:21:01 PM »
Indonesian food at Asian Taste 86.  86-10 Whitney Ave, Elmhurst.  This is a short walk from JH.  We were in the mood for Indonesian food and decided to try this place.  We were pleasantly suprised because we tried a few others but we like this restaurant the best. On our 1st visit we ate – Gado Gado, Chicken Satay + Beef Rendang + a version of Nasi Goreng with mixed seafood, on the 2nd visit – we had Gado Gado, Chicken Satay + whole fried pompano fish served with a tamarind soup. On the 2nd visit I purchased a beer from the deli on the corner. 
It is a small space with about 7 tables, but it's comfortable.  The people who serve are very nice and the more you enjoy their food the bigger their smiles.  It's a very homey place. 
You can have the 'heat' adjusted to your liking - but we had medium, and they have three hot sauces sitting on the table..

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Re: Asian Taste 86
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Another Indonesian option on the same block is Sky Cafe. Both places are quite good.

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Re: Asian Taste 86
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