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CP: Study Piano (and More) with NYCPianoDoctor!


Hello! I’m Dr. Joel Pierson and I run NYCPianoDoctor - a music studio that connects aspiring students with myself and my team of teachers. We are currently accepting new students either in-person or in a safe virtual environment. Check us out! www.nycpianodoctor.com

Music lessons with us are:
- Unique - We cater our teaching to the needs of our students, and make sure that students are playing pieces that want to play.
- Flexible - These are unusual times, but we have found online lessons to be effective for students of all ages.
- Fun - We use a method I have developed to help students focus on learning and not get bored in their lessons. We do not adhere to the "just play it again" style of teaching!

I have a BA in Classical Piano, an MA in Jazz Piano, and a Ph.D. in Music Composition. My teachers all have advanced degrees in music, are active performers, and are adept at teaching both traditional and contemporary music.

Want to get in touch?  Visit www.nycpianodoctor.com and send us a note!


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