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Hey Liz, where is this? The zoning law allows religious facilities to be built in residentially zones areas. Some say it may increase property values if you sell to a Muslim family because they would be willing to pay more to live next to a Mosque. This happens in Brooklyn with synagogues.
Community Trade and Classifieds / Amazon Echo Tap - $50
« Last post by AllonsyPond on Today at 12:13:35 PM »
Interested in trying out an Echo, but don't want to plunk down all the cash for a brand new one?

I'm selling my Echo Tap - I no longer need it.

Here's a link to it, new:

It retails for $129, and is currently on sale for $99 - but you can have it for $50.

I don't have the original box anymore, but it is easy enough to find the directions online.

Includes: Echo Tap, charging base, plug. 
Do we know if they are still running?

Andrea Marra's name appears in some more recent search results as a challenger to Jose Peralta, but no information is given about her campaign.  Here's a Queens Chronicle article from May 3rd naming Marra, and also Tahseen Chowdhury as challengers.  Perhaps someone else has more information.

Peralta is not sorry for joining the IDC

Peralta is being challenged by former mayoral aide Jessica Ramos, LGBTQ activist Andrea Marra and teenager Tahseen Chowdhury.

Link to Andrea Marra's online page:

Andrea Marra - Progressive Democrat for State Senate
it's smaller than St. Joan of Arc....

Yes it is smaller than St. Joan or Arc. However it is next to single family homes; not six-story apartment buildings so it's being smaller is not the point.  It's the scale to its surroundings.
The problem with increased development, especially residential development, is that neighborhoods don't always have the infrastructure to accommodate more people.  For years we had schools holding classes in old closets and bathrooms.  There were just not enough schools.  To its credit, the city went on a school building spree in our community, but they were entirely public and intermediate schools.  Where will these children go to high school.  And can our schools handle a new wave of children?

The same with transportation.  People have mentioned Williamsburg, but the subway infrastructure there was never designed to handle the new population.  And when all those new buildings in LIC start to fill up our subway lines will become even more crowded.

My point is, planning should include more than just increasing residential capacity.   

That is the point that I have tried to make when this subject has come up before. There are always people who try to ignore it or argue it away. But I have friends who live in Williamsburg and have had a pretty close-up view of what they've experienced there. And I have seen it in other places too.

We're lucky in Jackson Heights to have a lot of different trains coming through here, but even those are pretty crowded. It would be a shame if big buildings start going up and thousands more people move into the neighborhood without any consideration about the effects on the subways, schools, and other services.

And about NIMBYism—give me a break! I haven't liked seeing all of this overdevelopment wherever it's occurred. Mostly for the reason stated above, but also because the new housing is for higher-income people (unless the developer has one of those deals where a few apartments need to be set aside for lower-income residents, in exchange for being allowed to build a taller building or get some other break). And having taller buildings go up creates massive construction that can seriously damage surrounding properties (I saw this not just in Williamsburg, where my friends and the developer who built an apartment building next to theirs have been locked in legal battles for years now, but also in Park Slope). After which the people in nearby low-rise buildings have their views and sunlight blocked.
on their website (
 that rendering of the outside with the perfectly circular table complete with fake wood grain is hillarious.

Wow, they have the nicest laundry room I have ever seen (under "amenities" on their website).

My favorite rendering is the balance ball in the gym. It looks like it's a cartoon character and is going to spin around to talk to me.

The laundry room makes me smile too. Is it on the roof? Why are there renderings of 25 white shirts that appear to be on a clothes line?

Whoa. These renderings are even more over-the-top ridiculous than the ones for my building (Washington Plaza). Except the views out the windows are oddly plausible-looking—you actually see parts of other buildings, even brick walls, and not skyline views of Manhattan!
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Washington Plaza
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UGH. Jackhammering in the courtyard has begun again this morning.

Months ago, the sidewalks in the courtyard were redone—incorrectly. Something about the specs, like the widths of the walkways, was wrong. So those weeks of noise and inconvenience we endured were for absolutely nothing, because it's all being done all over again.

I'm curious about a couple of things. First, does anyone know why the walkways were redone in the first place? I hadn't noticed any cracks or other problems. Was there actually anything wrong with them? Or was it just cosmetic, like the windowsills?

Second, does anyone know how the entire job was done to the wrong specs before anybody noticed?
Hi, can anyone recommend a window washing service for exterior windows? (We're on the third floor - windows can be removed by a knowledgeable person if necessary.)

Also, we're looking to install soundproof windows -- I've looked at Citiproof -- wondering if anyone has experience with them or another company they liked?


Finally some good news! Beautiful mosque.  As for the complaints by the neighbor about congestion - JH and Elmhurst are having construction all over that will increase congestion.  I'm next to one of the buildings about to get 4 floors of poorly constructed apartments and medical offices added on.  I would be thrilled to have a mosque instead.  I used to work near one of the large mosques in Brooklyn, and as noted - the call to prayer is beautiful and much preferred over ice cream trucks.
SATURDAY, MAY 26TH; PS69Q Treasure Hunts Sidewalk Flea Market/PTA Fundraiser; 8:30 AM-5:00PM; Main Shopping District; Heart of Historic Jackson Heights; 37th Avenue/77th/78th Streets.
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