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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Friendly Gourmet Deli
« Last post by hfm on Yesterday at 08:24:23 PM »
How would anyone but the owners possibly know the answer to that question?

Sometimes people know things due to interactions with local owners on a daily basis.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Con Edison construction on 35th Avenue
« Last post by hfm on Yesterday at 08:23:12 PM »
I've heard that it's infrastructure upgrades that are needed due to the LGA expansion. Shrug.

Any improvements are good so we don't have what happened to our area in the summer of 2006.
Community Trade and Classifieds / Free Couch/Futon
« Last post by tcampbell on Yesterday at 08:18:52 PM »
I'm moving and need to get rid of my futon.
Free to whoever can come pick it up.
It is in fair condition, with some of the stitching coming undone. None of the upholstery is torn, it's still in decent shape and fully usable.
about 71" long, 34" high, 35" deep.
Easy exit from the building - the futon fits in the elevator and there is a service ramp for street access. I can help move it to the curb if necessary.
Please email me with interest or inquiries.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Ricky's
« Last post by pipman on Yesterday at 07:14:23 PM »
Ricky's food is under-rated.  I am addicted to their eggplant parmesan and had a memorable spaghetti carbornara. For lunch they have very fresh chicken salad--one of the best diner chicken salads I have had.  The food has been good for some time, but I think it gets overlooked by many here because of the decor. 
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Con Edison construction on 35th Avenue
« Last post by dssjh on Yesterday at 06:59:20 PM »
our building is on 35th, spanning 76th and 77th. several days of ear-splitting noise, starting very early, punctuated by pungent hot asphalt scent that seeped through closed windows.

i've been getting emails on a regular basis from ConEd, and i'd imagine they know more about what theyre doing than CB3 does. it sucks, but it'll end soon.
Neighborhood Chat / Con Edison construction on 35th Avenue
« Last post by pipman on Yesterday at 05:53:31 PM »
Does anyone have more information on the Con Ed construction taking place on 35th Avenue.  I was away for two weeks and came back to the war zone...I received emails from Con Edison, but do not see any information on the Community Board website etcetera. 

Noise on Feb 20 was very excessive near 84th/85th street for long periods of the day.  I emailed Coned for more information so I can plan around the noise and work.
With all the parking restrictions, would have been nice to eliminate alternate side parking in the area as well.

I know upgrades are needed to the electrical grid and the project cuts through a lot of Western Queens, but if Coned or community reps could provide more information on large construction projects that impact quality of life.  Any information on how long and noisy this work will be...
Restaurants & Food / Re: Ricky's
« Last post by ljr on Yesterday at 05:49:05 PM »
They started offering wine awhile ago, before they redecorated and added all the text on their windows. But the wine they served was pretty bad and also, the next time I ordered it they just said, "We're out of wine." Which was one reason that was the last time I ate dinner there. Till this recent makeover. I still have not eaten in there, but we've ordered from them via Seamless a few times and have been happy with the food.  We will eventually try eating in, and particularly weekend brunch I'm sure.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Jackson Gyro
« Last post by wlirfan on Yesterday at 04:35:42 PM »
Greek guy here.  We tried this place the first week they were open.  There were definitely some glitches (items on the menu weren't available, and it took a long time for our meal to be served - and I do mean a long time), but nothing that can't be ironed out over the next few weeks.  We were told that many of the items would be in stock in the future, and what we did eat (the gyro platter) was really good.  For sure, I'll be back, although more towards the end of February so that the staff and the back office have the chance to get more familiar with the menu, clientele and demand.

And on a side note, really glad to have a new gyro place in the neighborhood.  That will cut down on my trips to Astoria when I get the craving (although nothing can beat mom's food, so for that, I'll gladly go to Astoria).
Community Trade and Classifieds / $150 for Participating in User Study
« Last post by ksorton on Yesterday at 04:24:11 PM »
My company is looking for participants for a user study. See below for info. Thanks!

Do you have an iPhone and use credit cards to make purchases? Help us with a research study and earn $150!

We are seeking participants who use an iPhone and likes to leave ratings for purchases to test out a new app. We are currently only looking for folks in the NYC area who are able to attend an in-person meeting at the start and end of the test and fill out a daily survey for two weeks. Participants will be rewarded if eligible and selected.

Just fill out the following survey (It takes 60 seconds!), and someone will get in touch with you if you qualify: ttps://

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