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Article on the city removing trash cans.

While I understand the removal in residential areas, I believe you need them in heavy commercial areas like 37th Ave at 73 and 74 Streets.
Actually, PetCo only opened five years ago in the spot where Dante's Catering had been. And while someone living between the two pet stores might walk to one or the other, someone with a car wanting to buy a big bag of dog food might be drawn to the PetCo with the big parking lot, especially if parking was forbidden along Roosevelt.

In Jersey City, the pet shop near the Grove Street PATH stop closed and was replaced by a bar and performance space called Pet Shop.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Jackson Gyro
« Last post by JHALUM on Yesterday at 05:39:53 PM »
It’s actually up to the discretion of the inspector to close them or not after 3 failing grades.

If the cash under the table isn't enough I guess they get closed.  That type discretion can lead to corruption
Neighborhood Chat / JHBG Summer Sunday concert CANCELED today
« Last post by fodoherty on Yesterday at 03:13:07 PM »

Due to expected rain, Summer Sunday Concert is CANCELED.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Feedback for Carshare pilot program in Jackson Heights
« Last post by dssjh on Yesterday at 03:08:49 PM »
as a non-driver -- never had a license due to vision restrictions and a neurological issue -- i think both sides have a point. i like the idea of car-sharing, and if i DID drive, i think i'd go that route. but i'd like it better if the zipcar/carshare owners are paying the going rate for parking. are they? i haven't read all the stories.
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Roofer recommendation?
« Last post by carrefour_ny on Yesterday at 02:44:30 PM »
Hi Sabina,

I just PMed you with some options.

Good luck!

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Filthy 75th Street Sidewalk Alongside Food Dynasty
« Last post by Simka on Yesterday at 01:55:32 PM »
I don't walk that way on 75th Street, but I have walked along 76th Street/Foodtown, which is ALWAYS littered with glass from the recycling/return machines.

For real. I don't even walk around there when I'm wearing open shoes because I'm afraid to step in glass.

On 75th, by Food Dynasty, I see people either dropping off recyclables or pawing through them. (I don't look that closely.) It usually seems pretty dirty there—but no broken glass like on 76th. I avoid walking by Foodtown on 76th no matter what shoes I'm wearing.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Feedback for Carshare pilot program in Jackson Heights
« Last post by Simka on Yesterday at 01:50:02 PM »
In an ideal world, whoever owns a car should pay for their parking spot. My bicycle, my car, my stroller, my fridge, my sofa, all of these are my problems. If I want to have them, I should find a place to keep them.

The street is public space and should be used for the good of all.

One single car that John Doe parks on the street only benefits John Doe. It does not benefit me, who also pay taxes. A carshare program could benefit John Doe, me and everyone else.

John Doe wants to have his own car, sounds good to me, as long as he pays for his own parking spot.
I don't use Citibike. I have my own bike and I park inside my apartment.

Good luck fitting your car in your apartment, John Doe. But the point is: the car is yours, it's your problem where you park it. Just like it is my problem where I park my bike.

Are you saying you think that no personally owned cars should be allowed to park on the streets?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Work commencing on Diversity Plaza
« Last post by Simka on Yesterday at 01:45:45 PM »
It's true. There are plenty of disgusting jerks who have no problem whipping it out in public and urinating at any old hour of the day. Not to mention the exposure for harassment purposes. There are never any cops around when it happens. I've seen it everywhere, especially in Jackson Heights, and there are certain areas I've learned to just avoid. Diversity Plaza is one of them. Besides the vagrants, and the trash, and the red spitting problem, it stinks to high heaven in that subway entrance. I don't even know why they bothered renovating the plaza. I can't tell much difference.

My guess is that area has always been like that.  I imagine for decades (20? 30 years?) before I moved into the neighborhood. I am confused as to why folks move into the neighborhood and imagine that things will change just because they are here. 

It makes no logical sense.

Newcomers like us knew what we were moving into. Or were some folks blind as to what was here?

Am unsure why all the complaining...

Huh. When I was looking at the neighborhood before I decided to move here, I didn't witness any men exposing themselves. I may have seen a drunk guy near the 73rd Street entrance, and some trash on the stairs and sidewalks. But those things wouldn't have alarmed me.

I don't think it's logical to expect people who live here to be okay with men exposing themselves and worse, whether they've lived here three months or thirty years. It's nasty, threatening, illegal behavior. And you're not sure why people are complaining about it?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: The ongoing trash issues at 73rd St. and Diversity Plaza
« Last post by Simka on Yesterday at 01:32:27 PM »
I tried posting a pic but with little success, but I’ve seen the tree pits filled with food thrown out from the eateries on 74street.  If in fact they were ticketed they'd be less apt to engage in such destructive behavior.

Are you saying that the eateries on 74th Street are throwing out the food in the tree pits? I don't know why they'd do that—they generate a lot of garbage they must dispose of somehow, so why throw any in the tree pits?
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