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Restaurants & Food / Re: The Queensboro!
« Last post by spanky on Today at 01:12:28 PM »
Wife and I just returned from brunch at the Queensboro.  Food was great and the bloody marys were out of this world.  Will be going back again soon.
Hi All,

I have an Espresso machine with built-in bean grinder. The grinder stops working, most likely due to malfunctioning motor. I have tried to call several eletrician/appliance repair shops found on Google, but they all said they do not fix small appliance for households.

Does anyone happen to know someone who could fix my espresso machine?

Much thanks
This is in the works in Flushing:

Restaurants & Food / DUO GASTROPUB
« Last post by abcdefghijk on Today at 12:38:24 PM »
While everything moves slowly, slowly in Jackson Heights...and debates about minor changes leading to GENTRIFICATION... (which isn't really happening here in the classic fearful sense...because we are already very established.)...

...Things are certainly hotting up in Elmhurst...across from Roosevelt. 

So actually really close...

Like this GASTROPUB which will be opening up...
40-37 75th St

My guess is that Elmhurst is in the process of the more classic sense...much like Flushing has...

So those who are pro-classic Gentrification will merely have to cross Roosevelt.

And those who are against it can remain on the Jackson Heights side...

Elmhurst does make sense that it would gentrify. 

Their excellent transport options around the Roosevelt hub are exactly the same as ours.
But on the mirror opposite side!

Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Washington Plaza
« Last post by 7 on Today at 11:26:01 AM »
The agent fed you a line of BS.

Thanks for the info! We would also trade a dishwasher for a laundry any day.
Restaurants & Food / Re: The Queensboro!
« Last post by pipman on Today at 09:02:58 AM »
Finally made it to Queensboro.  Was on vacation in early July, and just caught up on the posts on this restaurant.  Was surprised at some of the negative posts here...  My experience was very good--I really liked the setting and overall casual vibe of the restaurant.  Service was very good.  I enjoyed the food, having the arugala salad with fresh, quality ingredients, the pasta dish with Shrimp, and the hamburger.  All was delicious...(pasta could have been a little more al dente for me).  With a glass of wine, my bill was a little more than a typical night out in Jackson Heights.  I often go to ethnic eats in the neighborhood and I am often disappointed with the quality.  A similar pasta dish in a Colombian/Uruguayan restaurant is priced higher than the Queensboro.  Overall, I think this is one of the best for quality and value in the neighborhood and also look forward to trying out the brunch. 
Restaurants & Food / Re: The Queensboro!
« Last post by petegart on Today at 08:05:51 AM »
For those who have been longing for a local brunch place...
I received this this morning:

We are delighted to announce that as of today, July 21st, we will be serving brunch on weekends, from 10AM-3PM.
Neighborhood Chat / Work Study at 2nd Story Pilates+Yoga
« Last post by ElaineO on Today at 07:08:45 AM »
2nd Story Pilates+Yoga is seeking two or more individuals for work study shifts in exchange for free classes at the studio. Duties include opening and closing the studio, signing in classes, and light cleaning. Please email for details.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Work commencing on Diversity Plaza
« Last post by JK resident on Today at 04:50:10 AM »

What ever happened to the pay toilets? How are people supposed to live there without a toilet?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Work commencing on Diversity Plaza
« Last post by ptbass75 on Yesterday at 07:10:43 PM »
 Wasn’t diversity plaza in the design phase supposed to have a built-in performance space area? What happened to that? At least upon a glance it doesn’t seem to be there.
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