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Neighborhood Chat / Re: New store on 82nd Street
« Last post by CaptainFlannel on Today at 05:22:05 PM »
Call 311 and log a noise complaint.
Neighborhood Chat / New store on 82nd Street
« Last post by ente on Today at 04:46:58 PM »
A new wreck of a store on 82nd between Roosevelt and 37th.   Anyone who walks this block can’t help but notice a new discount clothing store with music blaring from a large speaker at the front door, shredded newspapers on their floor, crudely painted window signage, and racks of cheap cloths pushed out on the street encumbering the pedestrian flow.  What an eyesore.  I would think that the Jackson Heights BID encourages businesses to be more respectful of the neighborhood’s commercial norms.
You must not know how to cook is delicious! makes the best bread in the world.
There will be some work going on at Court Square in anticipation of the L train shutdown, where some riders will likely be traveling on the G to Court Square and transferring to the 7, E or M in order to get to Manhattan. The moving walkway will be removed this summer, and some additional staircases will be added from the G train platform to the mezzanine (the staircase work has already been started).

In addition to the station improvements:

"free MetroCard transfer will be available between the 21st St G station and the Hunters Point Ave 7 station.

“That was one we didn’t have on our list before but people had suggested it,” McLane said. “We thought it was a good idea and we added it.”

Members of CB2’s Transportation Committee expressed concerns about current overcrowding at the station given the neighborhood’s rapid growth, and worried about overwhelming the system even further.

But McLane said that by the time work on the Canarsie tunnel starts, two additional 7 trains will be running per hour, as the communications system the MTA has worked almost a decade to install through the line is expected to be completed.

“Talking about the 7 train is very painful because it’s been a lot of years of outages,” McLane said. “The end is in sight. We are going to be adding the service, and that will help to some degree.”

McLane added that the E train will pose more of a problem than the 7, since a lot more displaced riders are expected to use that line, which is already over capacity."
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: After the Fall of 5Pointz
« Last post by Shelby2 on Yesterday at 06:09:33 PM »
This is also sort of on topic

H&M Lawsuit Against Street Artist Could Have Changed Copyright Law [UPDATED]

Street artists are calling for a boycott of H&M after the Swedish clothing company took legal action against a graffiti artist to refute his rights over his own work. Across social media, artists including INSA, KAWS, and Lady Aiko are denouncing H&M for what they describe as an “assault on artists’ rights,” and calling for a boycott of the company.

H&M’s lawsuit, filed last week in a Brooklyn federal court, is an extraordinary response to attempts by the street artist Revok to receive compensation for his artwork, which features in the retailer’s new advertising campaign without his consent. Revok — the moniker of LA-based artist Jason Williams — had noticed that graffiti he had painted on a handball court in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, had served as the backdrop for an H&M photoshoot. In January, he sent the company a cease and desist letter, demanding that it stop circulating the images on social media and also compensate him. In an initial response, H&M denied his claims, arguing that the graffiti, which covers New York City property, is vandalism, and that Revok has no copyright rights to assert. After Revok repeatedly threatened to sue if no settlement was reached, H&M filed a lawsuit against him.

click link for article
The grossest vegetable of them all grows really well here - zucchini. All of dssjh's suggestions are good ones too.

We used to grow all of the above and also: asparagus, watermelons, butternut squash, pumpkins, string beans, spinach and something weird I can't remember (kohlrabi maybe). This was on eastern Long Island where the soil is probably a lot sandier, but all of these vegetables should grow pretty well here. I've noticed a lot of front yard gardens in the houses north of Northern Blvd and I mainly see tomatoes and some sort of beans. I don't recommend trying to grow asparagus - it's a pain in the butt and looks very unattractive in a garden (looks like weeds). We only grew them for two seasons and decided it wasn't worth it.

I have no idea how we avoided insects! I remember seeing aphids on our fruit trees and I think my dad probably used some sort of terribly unhealthy spray.  We were never able to keep the deer away from my mom's beloved fig tree.
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: After the Fall of 5Pointz
« Last post by Lilybell on Yesterday at 04:04:33 PM »
Sort of on-topic - two new Bansky installations were discovered in Manhattan this morning!
ours was one of those. and one of the semi detached ones. the little roof porch was one of my favorite things about it.

we moved in in 1996, and my ex and i split in late 2002, when i moved into my current place. she sold it a couple of years back, and the sale was featured in the Times. really terrific place. the woman we bought it from was only the second owner and had been there 45 years, so just about all the original detail was there in our duplex, though the rental unit had clearly been renovated. we maintained as much as we could, very carefully, since the detail was a big part of what drew us to it. never did figure out how to restore the dumbwaiter, though :)
The average market rate for a one bedroom in Jackson Heights (or any size) is $26.00 a square foot.  The one bedroom at Stratford Hall is fairly priced at $2198 especially considering there's no broker fee and it's on the top floor.  This will move quickly.

Yes the top floor is can be a big plus when there is no walking above you.  You just need to make sure you have adequate a/c since top floors tend to be hot
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