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Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Studio or sublet needed ASAP
« Last post by Simka on Today at 04:07:58 PM »
I feel for you. Unfortunately I have no leads. I hope some have come through for you.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Growing Farm 76-31 37th Ave shuttered
« Last post by Simka on Today at 03:56:04 PM »
I suspect their leases were up recently and they got mega increases they couldn't pay.  :(
Restaurants & Food / Re: El Rico Tinto Gone
« Last post by Simka on Today at 03:53:58 PM »
I just passed by there and saw it. Growing Farm: same thing.
Pets and Animals / FOUND / LOST HOUND DOG
« Last post by 10turns on Today at 03:01:23 PM »
We found a hound dog wandering on 86th. St between 34th. and 35th. Ave’s.
Saturday at 2:30.
If you know anything about this female dog please call Pete.
Featuring five NEA Jazz Masters (the nation's highest honor for living jazz musicians) Slide Hampton, Barry Harris, Jimmy Cobb, Jimmy Heath, and Jimmy Owens joined by veteran bassist Paul West.
FRI | NOV 16 | 8 PM | JAZZ
$42/$32 Members/$20 Students/FREE for Teens;
Table Package: $125/$100 Members (Reserved Table for 2, Wine & Snacks)
Target is trying out smaller-format stores across the country.  Here's a Target PR page on its small-format stores:

Here's the 45,000 square foot Target in TriBeCa:

Here's the 12,800 square foot Target in Chicago:

The Elmhurst Target was reported last year to be 23,580 square feet.  I haven't seen an updated estimate, but I don't believe Target has gotten smaller in this new proposal.  They'll have about 23,000 square feet on the lower level plus some additional footprint on the ground floor.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Converting 8MM and VCR tapes to DVD
« Last post by itsit on Today at 11:44:20 AM »
 A number of the photo labs also do it and you could check under services of Professional Photo Labs. I don't think it's all that expensive either but don't know exact numbers.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Growing Farm 76-31 37th Ave shuttered
« Last post by itsit on Today at 11:42:46 AM »
 This is a real sad issue for the neighborhood. Personally, I have always paid rent or mortgage before anything else knowing that you can get booted out if you don't keep up with payments. But I know a number of people who do the opposite and some who withhold as leverage for getting things done. I like both Growing Farm and El Rinco Tinto alot and think they are stellar establishments as consumer for various reasons. Was recently on Metropolitan Ave near Forest Hills and they have some wonderfully diverse storefronts that look like they would be paying much lower rents than here.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Garden School Fight Redux???
« Last post by Citizen1 on Today at 10:40:55 AM »
I don't see where the fire is here. It's very common for non-profits to take out a loan or line of credit to cover cost for something on an immediate basis. Windfall amounts like a sale of property would more than likely go toward their endowment, to ensure future financial strength and use of investment income toward operating costs. Their revenue goes into covering yearly operating costs and programs (which may include increased staff to support those programs, given their growth over the last few years).
Yeah, it takes a while for non-finance professionals to see the fire.
They shouldn't need a loan to cover their costs on an immediate basis, because they have nearly a million extra per year in extra tuition, $50K per year minimum from the new (since the field sale) Annual Fund, lots of extra money from the expanding international student program that takes in double tuition, and $250K - $350K extra profit from the UPK business...meanwhile, they have only hired 2-5 extra teachers and one administrator. There's no way those few extra staffers eat up all that cash every year.
PLUS - the "windfall amount" didn't go to the endowment. The endowment only got a few tens of thousands after the $6 million sale, and it has been shrinking ever since.
There can't be any "investment income" because they state that they have less than $29K in investments. So. It's not like all that extra cash has been going into endowment or investments.
The only real growth in costs have been about a 30% salary increase for the headmaster (who was at the helm when they almost went under) and about a 20-25% increase for the principal and finance director (who were at the helm when they almost went under).
They also pinch pennies extremely carefully with the kids. Example: every year, they collect $20 for a "flash drive and planner." On Amazon, the planner goes for less than $3, and the kids never get the flash drives. If you ask what happened to the flash drive, it takes a couple of days, and the principal hands one to the parent.
They have an annual walkathon and fair fund-raiser during the school day on the streets of Jackson Heights,  and any kid whose parents don't pony up the extra $45 for the Walkathon (used to be $25), well those kids are excluded and have to stay inside with a teacher and do school work.
At one of the winter shows, they had no drums or hand instruments, so the kids had to sit on the gym floor and bang out a beat on the dirty floor with their hands. Kudos to the creative music teacher, shame on the administrators. Meanwhile, they take care of the adults--paid for expensive jackets for the custodians.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Growing Farm 76-31 37th Ave shuttered
« Last post by abcdefghijk on Today at 10:37:34 AM »
Al-Araf changed hands (I think) and is being changed to an Indonesian restaurant. I saw inside the other day, and it looks like the renovation is well along. That space has regularly changed hands over the past few years. I asked the proprietor of the bodega today if he knew anything about the closings, and he said no, but it's what happens when you don't pay the rent, and he went on a bit about how hard it is to pay everything you have to pay (including wages) to keep a business going. He said both Growing Farm and El Rico Tinto were good neighbors with nice owners. Maybe it's a cash flow problem and not permanent, we can hope, I guess. Soon we will have wall-to-wall pharmacies and banks and literally nothing else. The poster who said the whole block is closing exaggerated. There is still the corner deli and the pizza place, and -yes-the bank. I have to say that JH isn't even as bad as Manhattan in terms of empty storefronts now.It's a citywide problem.

I also have a feeling it's a rent issue rather than a malevolent action to do with bringing in more Gringo-style establishments.
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