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Is the Halloween Parade happening in JH this year?

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not sure it's resuming

Indeed the parade is on.
Sunday 10/31 starting at noon, along 37th Ave from 89th St. to 76th.

Maybe it should be moved to 34th Avenue


--- Quote from: pipman on October 13, 2021, 08:51:27 PM ---Maybe it should be moved to 34th Avenue

--- End quote ---
Right? Seems sensible. But nah, let's keep that street open and then totally wreck the one where all the businesses and delivery trucks need to be. Wouldn't want to interrupt street yoga!

   The JH Halloween Parade is happening this SUNDAY OCTOBER 31 @12 pm NOON 37th Avenue from 89th St to 76th St.
    CDC protocols will be observed; social distancing & face masks required of all participants.
In addition, we are encouraging our merchants to distribute Halloween goodies on the sidewalk in front of their stores rather than indoors. Likewise we recommend to parents that all children celebrate Halloween outdoors, and to safely march with us in the parade.


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