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  It appears that Covid will be with us for awhile longer but many in the community are back at work, in school, keeping appts, home improvements, etc. Should this be the time where we have a dialogue about the lag in use mid-day of the 34th Ave Open Streets? The darker nights that will be here shortly make for an unsafe amount of visibility for those later hours too.
  The hours that the street is happily in use seem to be early, as in the 8-10am time and then somewhere in the 2:30- 3:00 to 6-7. Opening the street to alternate needs for schools, seniors, residents, deliveries, sanitation crews, etc. would be very welcome to those who live on the avenue. It seems like a reasonable and fair compromise to have a dialogue about and it's one that neighbors would very much welcome.

I love your suggestions on the change of hours. I believe that the people who manage this OS would find it difficult to move the barricades so many time per day.  Perhaps we can come up with an easier plan.

We need to work together as a community to see what we can come up with. And we must remember to work around the idea that the elderly and disabled can manage it and also get their necessary services. Also remembering the disabled children using the special school buses.

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^^seems like you're speaking for all the residents of the avenue when you say what they as a uniform group would welcome.

Practically speaking, you have to address how to actually open up and shut down the Open Street 4 times a day. Currently, that is done by volunteers. The logistics of doubling the manpower necessary to do that makes me weary just thinking about. People have to actually manage this stuff, and those people at present are volunteers.

Rather than debating online on a forum that holds no sway with our elected representative in the city government or DoT, I think it's better to participate in the DoT's forums for the OS. There have been many, many sessions since fall 2020.

I's worth noting that just a few months ago there was a primary for the city council seat opening up. Almost every block on 34th Avenue went for the guy who supports OS. There's a general election in November. 34th Avenue residents can vote for the Libertarian who wants to end 34th Avenue OS.

 Yep and it seems like there is a bond between people who are for Open Streets etched in stone, as is, never a thought to what might work for different parties. The fear of data collection on usage is antiquated and speaks to the point that whole neighborhood planning is not on the agenda here. But rather an "I want this now, all of it, and no sharing" mentality that does not read as community oriented in my opinion. Yes, my opinion. The political office that has been spoken of brought us Diversity Plaza, right? And even Diversity Plaza was plastered with another candidates posters. My point here is we are sorely missing a collective, unbiased take on whether this closure works as some people think or as poorly as others feel. But then again it's a nice fall day to walk to Diversity Plaza and enjoy the scenery that is the result of agenda pushing by a particular group that was relentless and hijacked the planning.

  Please for the love of god, bring in real city planners who can look at the this project in an unbiased way for the good of this whole JH community. Not the DOT, not local politicians who need votes, not Transportation Alternatives. Why is there so much fear of a non-partisan evaluation here? Are volunteers going to move the barriers for years on end, for example Hoping for clarity where all sides are listened to in a reasonable fashion by outside evaluators and real bonafide city planners. They are out there and any professionally managed project would want their feedback before solidifying any plans of this magnitude.

Most of the groups you identified can and do use the street during the day. There is no restriction of access, just the minor inconvenience of moving the barricade and then hopefully move it back.
In the occasional case of someone who is handicapped or too frail to move the barrier on their own, there are always other people around, and the majority of the people in our neighborhood would have no problem assisting someone who needs it if asked.
As far as the "darker" nights, we have streetlights and headlights, it's never really dark around here.


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