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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Double Parking on 73St & 37th Ave.
« Last post by missmarty on Today at 04:45:50 PM »
Is your wife using it for work or private? For how long? i thought the benefit of a rental car was being able to drop it off a 20 minute walk from JH.
Do artists have to work with 82nd St bid, or can they apply to central? The bid has what, one staffer?
Thanks for posting it- there are wonderful spots for artists to transform. Looking forward to it.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Double Parking on 73St & 37th Ave.
« Last post by dssjh on Today at 03:19:09 PM »
if a household has two cars, should they be barred from taking up two spaces as well? just taking this to its logical conclusion.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Double Parking on 73St & 37th Ave.
« Last post by deja on Today at 03:03:44 PM »
Why not?  On a practical level that taxi driver has their cab and will likely also have a personal vehicle so they will tie up two spots where most households with cars will only tie up one.  I don't have any sympathy for cabs, they are commercial vehicles and you can't park any other kind of commercial vehicles on the street overnight.



ArtSite is looking to activate spaces throughout both Jamaica and Jackson Heights, Queens through a series of temporary public art installations. ArtSite will award 8 artists with a commission of $4,500 each to create temporary public art in these communities. Artwork and mediums can range anywhere from murals to performances that illuminate Jamaica and Jackson Heights as vibrant cultural hubs and illustrate how art can transform a community.

A key goal of ArtSite is to empower local artists to engage on a local level, understanding that they can be a catalyst for change. QCA, along with its partners, the Jamaica Center BID in Jamaica and the 82nd Street BID in Jackson Heights, seek to create a self-sustaining supportive art culture in these communities.

ArtSite aims to establish an ecosystem of local artists and art producers to create new work that reflects the diverse cultural stories particular to the communities of Jamaica and Jackson Heights. By allowing the artists to partner and create dialogue with the local business community, we can reinvent the external perceptions of these two communities as sources of inspiration and epicenters of the new America canon of dance, theatre, music, art, etc.

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Rosa, Maria, and Esperanza
« Last post by sjze10 on Today at 09:07:37 AM »
So you are saying they opened their own shop?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Double Parking on 73St & 37th Ave.
« Last post by sunita_in_JH on Yesterday at 11:54:30 PM »
When I lived in Berkeley, CA and Chicago, IL if you owned a car, you could get a sticker that was tied to your neighborhood, plus anyone who lived in the neighborhood could buy booklets of 1-day passes for guests and rentals.

That system would take care of most of these concerns. And that way, if a taxi-driver lives in JH, they could park their cab here when they came home for the night (why shouldn't they be able to?).
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Double Parking on 73St & 37th Ave.
« Last post by MrPlaza on Yesterday at 10:04:12 PM »
What about people driving rental cars?  ???

My wife and I don’t own a car. But she has status through Hertz because of work travel. So, we often rent a car when we want to get around a bit easier with our son (e.g. Bronx Zoo, NYBG). Should we not be able to park our rental if it has out of state plates, which is at least half of the time.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Double Parking on 73St & 37th Ave.
« Last post by Alexnyc on Yesterday at 06:33:52 PM »
We have a constitution that prohibits discrimination against residents of other states who want to engage in commerce.
That is not what the Constitution says. As an example, cars with New Jersey EZ Pass pay more for TBTA tolls than do NY EZPass holders and Staten Island and Rockaway residents are entitled to discounts on their bridges. Manhattan residents get a break from the parking tax. You are confusing the Constitutional reservation of regulating inter-state commerce with parking and driving, which are privileges, not rights.
or try parking in certain areas of Long Island or the rockaways.
Community Groups, Activities & Events / Upcoming Event
« Last post by FCCA on Yesterday at 04:16:13 PM »
The Colors of Frida / Los Colores de Frida is a bilingual, one-woman show about the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, which combines storytelling, music, visual arts, puppets and audience participation. Ages 6 and up.
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