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Community Trade and Classifieds / FS brand new Rollator rolling walker
« Last post by dssjh on Today at 06:29:20 PM »
used two or three times as i was recovering from spinal surgery. perfect condition. $139 new, asking $60 or best offer.
Neighborhood Chat / 2nd Story Pilates+Yoga work exchange position
« Last post by ElaineO on Today at 02:55:36 PM »
2nd Story Pilates+Yoga has an opening on our work study team. The position includes signing in classes and cleaning the studio. Applicants must be available to sign in classes and clean the studio from 12:30-5pm on Saturdays, as well as 2-3 more hours mid week. The selected applicant will have access to unlimited yoga and pilates mat classes. Email to apply!
Neighborhood Chat / Re: 78Th St between Northern and Travers Park
« Last post by odyshape on Today at 11:04:11 AM »
Some vocal picketing outside the dealership that gets press attention could help.
We're new to the neighborhood and looking for recommendations for:

- interior painters
- wood floor repairs and refinishing
- cabinet repairs and painting
- radiator cleaning and cover replacement

If anyone has had recent and good experiences with professionals for any of these jobs, we'd be so grateful!

Restaurants & Food / Re: Warique restaurant - Peruvian
« Last post by carrefour_ny on Today at 10:30:05 AM »
@MrPlaza: I've never tried Anzuelo Fino -- thanks for mentioning it, I'll check it out. I don't mind walking at all.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Musicians at Travers Park
« Last post by dssjh on Today at 09:31:28 AM »
they have concerts there in the summer, as you probably know.

i think what you're suggesting would be a great thing: i'm not a musician, but i always love hearing people jam and improvise (Washington Square was great for that). i wonder if the NIMBY types who complain about noise would object to more than just quiet acoustic guitars, though.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: 78Th St between Northern and Travers Park
« Last post by JDinJH on Today at 09:22:29 AM »
I used to take my child to the Garden School and have to walk past the dealer's business.  The cars that drive around that 78th Street area, not just the dealer, are a danger to the children nearby.  They have no regard for the kids.  Some of the cars would literally block off the entire crosswalk forcing parents to walk around them and towards Northern Blvd.  Things were so bad that they would have to have cops parked there during the morning and afternoon.  It is no accident that the dealer recently reconstructed the building with the intention of maintaining access to 78th Street.  We, as a neighborhood, should not let them do this.  If anything, we should demand that the City, by eminent domain, take over the space and increase Travers Park's footprint.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: 78Th St between Northern and Travers Park
« Last post by carrefour_ny on Today at 09:19:44 AM »
Thanks for sharing this. It's discouraging to hear about these changes to the plan that are under discussion. I'm such a huge fan of the 78th street closure and park expansion, that I'd hate to see it modified to accommodate Koeppel. If Northern has gotten a little better over the past few years, it sure wasn't because of the car dealerships.
Neighborhood Chat / Musicians at Travers Park
« Last post by JDinJH on Today at 09:16:59 AM »
As a student, I used to live near Washington Square Park and would love to go there on the weekends to listen to the musicians meet up and play music.  What are the chances that the neighborhood musicians will do the same once the park is renovated?  I think that the layout of the park would be conducive in this respect. 
Restaurants & Food / Re: Warique restaurant - Peruvian
« Last post by MrPlaza on Today at 06:48:41 AM »
Yes, convenience of location is so important--we live in the 70s and have been to Urubamba and liked it very much--but the truth is, we are too lazy and/or tired to walk all the way up there, so when we dine out in the neighborhood, it's always within just a few blocks.
Same. Though when we want Puruvian, Anzuelo Fino takes the cake.
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