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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Massive fire in Sunnyside destroys businesses
« Last post by JHMNY on Today at 11:09:02 AM »
There are efforts underway to assist those displaced by the Sunnyside fire.

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Why signs on 37th between 76 and 77 were taken down?
« Last post by Jhx on Today at 10:28:19 AM »
It’s not being  selective. It’s who’s being reported.  I will not ask the nationality of the buisness owner before reporting them. And we weren’t talking about demolishing the top floors of buildings. That could be another topic if you’d like.
no problem with enforcement, as long as it's not selective. for starters, we need to have the city go in and demand demolition of all buildings that go over their legal height (more a manhattan thing, for now) or past their legal boundaries. none of these slap on the wrist fines.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Romeo's Italian Ristorante
« Last post by opalis141 on Today at 09:34:35 AM »
Was pretty disappointed by our experience last night. The restaurant is lovely inside and I think could improve but a couple of things happened to make our meal less than ideal: it took an incredibly long time for us to even get menus. Once we ordered it took almost an hour and a half between the time we sat down to the time we received our food - two tables that came in after us were served before us. When the food arrived they brought out the wrong order for me and I had to wait without food while my dinner company ate their dishes. When my partner was ordering food he specifically asked if anything came with the chicken dish he was interested in, and was told pasta and told to choose a type. When his meal arrived, they didn't bring out the pasta, when we inquired about the pasta we were told the dish doesn't come with it. We mentioned that we had specifically asked and the waiter walked away and said "I'll check" and never came back or updated us on the status of the side.

I understand that this is a new restaurant and they are working through getting everything to run smoothly, but they could have handled the situation better.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Why signs on 37th between 76 and 77 were taken down?
« Last post by Jhx on Today at 09:01:49 AM »
So, what’s the problem enforcing the laws?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Why signs on 37th between 76 and 77 were taken down?
« Last post by Jhx on Yesterday at 10:58:45 PM »
DUH, you do need a permit to put a thousand pound metal structure above a doorway for OBVIOUS reasons. Double Duh, you need the city to tell you that you can not put up an awning across the sidewalk to the curb. If the owner of a buisness does not do due diligence before signing a lease, that’s his problem. I hope the city makes a mint in violations.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Momo news roundup
« Last post by toddg on Yesterday at 09:52:08 PM »
Eater profiles the jhol momos at Sumnima Kitchen in Woodside

Restaurants & Food / Re: Cafe de Colombia Bakery coming soon
« Last post by Shelby2 on Yesterday at 09:42:42 PM »
However it turns out to be, it's better than an empty storefront. Pan Y Mas has been gone for quite some time - maybe even 2 years?
Jackson Heights of Yesteryear / p.s.69 - Mr. Jaffe Principal 1955-57
« Last post by bobrosen on Yesterday at 06:18:19 PM »
anybody out there? yes I have NO Facebook page
anybody out there
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