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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Garden School Fight Redux???
« Last post by queenskid2 on Today at 11:46:06 AM »
I'm not sure that taking out a $500,000 equity line of credit is a sign that a business is tanking.  Many businesses borrow to cover various costs or projects.  Like "itsit", I'm having trouble connecting the loan to the original poster's conclusions.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Garden School Fight Redux???
« Last post by itsit on Today at 11:33:35 AM »
 Citizen1, what exactly is the ax you have to grind here? Not following the rant.
For those using Facebook, Bistro Eloise has posted a few photos showing the renovation work in progress. They're also on Instagram. Looking forward to the grand opening!
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Cleaning Person / Service Wanted
« Last post by 80JHer on Today at 09:33:54 AM »
Jenny.  She is in Jackson Heights.  She is great. ‭+1 (917) 385-3359‬
Community Groups, Activities & Events / Re: Flea Markets this weekend
« Last post by Adrienne on Today at 08:59:50 AM »
Yes, on Sunday, September 23rd, there will be a Sidewalk Flea Market at Queen Mary Anne Co-op building; 35th Avenue/88th Street; 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Next weekend; Saturday, September 29th/Sunday, September 30th, Sidewalk Treasure Hunts Flea Market/PTA Fundraiser at PS69Q School; 37th Avenue/78th/79th Streets; 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM. Watch for my posting about this event.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Garden School Fight Redux???
« Last post by Citizen1 on Today at 06:30:50 AM »
If the loan is against the property, doesn't a lien against the property, the loan, have to be recorded on ACRIS? There hasn't been anything there in the past year.
This is really a big concern. They got $6 million in 2012, raised tuition a ton, had a lot of new students virtually every year, got two contracts from the city for UPK--one for $15 million--and yet they need to take out a loan?
What are they spending it on? Bleachers, a boiler, a fire alarm and a new oven doesn't add up to millions.
When they wanted to renovate the library, they went begging to parents. They didn't even renovate the science labs.
BUT they accepted a donation for a ham radio lab. Why didn't they tell the donor no, we're so cash-strapped, we can't build a ham radio lab, we need the dough to make payroll?
Is this another one of the creepy loans they had last time, which was with relatives of a board member?
As far as a "sale," if the city bought it and paid for it, who would cash the check? This is a nonprofit.
They'd have to give all the money to a different nonprofit. Given the way the money disappeared last time--the city doesn't track the money--who knows where it would REALLY go.
If the city "bought it and closed the school," who would get the money? Would it go to the same people who got the millions from the last sale (they got $6 million and only had a 42.5 million mortgage).
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Garden School Fight Redux???
« Last post by JK resident on Today at 06:08:40 AM »
The whole school should been sold to the city to make a new public school years ago. It would of been better than the school they are building on 34th Ave. Every time someone wants to sell something we can’t just buy it to prevent development.
Maybe they should of taken the opportunity of having a meeting there to power wash the entire plaza to remove all the stains from that “red” stuff not to mention all the grease from garbage. The whole plaza needs this service probably every two months to keep it looking pleasant.
Neighborhood Chat / Garden School Fight Redux???
« Last post by Citizen1 on Yesterday at 10:22:25 PM »
The school is getting into debt again. They took out a 1/2 Million Line of Credit, secured by the assets of the school.
To read it yourself, go to the web site, choose "About Us," click on the Trustees page, and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You can read the financials and the audit report. Many weird entries (Zero dollars spent on telephone bills???)
No way to know if they've drawn on the loan or not. But even if they haven't drawn on it, why set up a line of credit?
They seem to be going down the same path they travelled last time around.
Dromm's office helped them get the $6 million for the sale of the field in 2012, but he won't hear a word of what's going on now.
The community might have to gird itself for the loss of the UPK and the school and another fight over land next to Travers Park. That's prime real estate: right at the top of a hill, next to a park and a junior high school, with an unbelievable view of Manhattan.
Garden School just put up its financials from year-end June, 2017. A year late. Why didn't they release these financials in a timely manner? Didn't they want the parents at the school to know they needed money? If not, why not?
The annual "financial transparency" meeting with the board was cancelled last school year.
Their revenues have doubled or tripled in the past decade, even though inflation has been close to zero and fuel costs have been held low. Remember, this school pays no income tax, no sales tax and no property tax.
The economy is chugging along (remember, they had blamed past problems on the economy). And they pay a full-time recruiter $110,000 a year, according to their IRS-filed 990 financials. So they should have enough students, but one parent with close contacts at the school told me enrollment is down this year and that payroll was late twice during the summer.
Meanwhile, administrators' salaries have ballooned since the financial crisis, tuition has soared, but services have remained the same. What happened to all that money?
The nepotism has really metastasized, also.
Also -- that UPK building on Northern Boulevard? It's under a triple-net lease with a balloon payment--the balloon blows up in five years, which appears to be just around the time that their New York City UPK contract will run out.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Beer run
« Last post by Jeffsayyes on Yesterday at 08:07:51 PM »
Queensboro and Solid State have excellent selection - solid state has about 16 all NYS (I think). I go to foodtown but don't get too excited about it anymore. I don't understand growlers that much actually. Seems like you usually get a flat pint at the end of it and I am not sure about the cost being any better. I am also suspicious of UFC bc how can any place have that much beer selection and it be fresh (the bottles, the draft is great and they do flights)?
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