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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Travers Park Update
« Last post by JHResident on Yesterday at 08:29:57 PM »
Park, not parking.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Travers Park Update
« Last post by JHResident on Yesterday at 08:27:59 PM »
The Jackson Heights Post has an update on the parking renovation. Apparently the official groundbreaking wasn't until last Friday. A picture is posted in a link in the article. Looks like my tennis playing friends will lose their blacktop tennis court, and the SJA girls softball teams will need a new home.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Kiosk on 37
« Last post by sl on Yesterday at 02:45:12 PM »
what are the proper channels to file a complaint? is it a DOB thing?

Maybe try 311?
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Separate bathtub and shower stall?
« Last post by Minimal4me on Yesterday at 02:43:13 PM »
Does anyone have a recommendation for a comfortable, standard-size bathtub--60 X 30 inches?

You might like the Kohler Archer.,-tile-flange-and-left-hand-drain/productDetail/bathing/931163.htm

Back when we did our bathroom reno there was one at the midtown home depot you could go sit in and try it out.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Kiosk on 37
« Last post by dssjh on Yesterday at 12:58:04 PM »
what are the proper channels to file a complaint? is it a DOB thing?
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Kiosk on 37
« Last post by petster on Yesterday at 12:35:01 PM »
So almost six months after my original post, the kiosk remains empty. No one will go near it.  Why doesn't the city just remove it??
I'm looking to have a kitchen cabinet removed and replaced with a dishwasher so the work involves a mix of carpentry, electrical and plumbling. I first reached out to a couple contractors but neither were interested in such a small job. I then reached out to some handymen but couldn't do all the different jobs. Is there something in between? Does anyone have a suggestion for who would best to do this work?
My name is Keith Fadelici and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years experience providing mental health services (counseling/psychotherapy) as part of agencies and within my own private practice.  After moving into Jackson Heights a few years ago I am now ready to close an office I had in Dutchess County and to open one here at 4045 75th Street, Floor 2 at the Latino Support offices.  I am going to be seeing clients on Sundays starting on May 6th. 

I am a specialist in the area of traumatic events and the many ways they impact our lives. A traumatic event may be an assault against oneself or a loved one, exposure to potential of violence, or other tragic loss. I am also experienced with a wide array of mental health issues including: depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and adjustment issues. For more info about me please use this link to my Psychology Today listing:

If you think I might be of assistance to you or someone you know please feel free to call me at: (845) 206-8175.  You might also email me at or leave a message here (do not include identifying info since this is a public site.)
I've received these letters over the years as well. Personally, I don't believe that it is worth the money because in general  the instances where these services would be needed are very rare. However, I have heard some people who have used these services did benefit when their sewer line became damaged and in need of repair.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: What is considered unreasonable noise (Coops)
« Last post by JHALUM on April 21, 2018, 10:14:20 PM »
My family just received a letter from our management company stating we are in violations of house rules and are being fined $250. The violation is for "excessive loud noises after-hours (house rules 10:00pm - 9:00am quiet hours), after we have been warned in the past". We are very confused to these loud noises since we are in bed by 9pm and our cat gets put in the bathroom (we spoke with out neighbors downstairs and agreed to put our cat in the bathroom at night, and in the morning when we're not home in the bedroom). My husband is up around 530am and gets dressed quietly, my daughter gets up at 7 and are quiet when getting ready. She has to sit (usually watching tv) until it is time to leave for school at 7:45am.

Our apartment has thick wall to wall carpeting (we put it down carpet when we received our first notice); the neighbors banged on the ceiling when the company came to take measurements. They banged on our ceiling when the workers just walked across the room to put their equipment down. The neighbor told us he can hear us going to the bathroom at night (we're a family of 3 with a 5 year old). We are told, one of the complaints is,items are being dropped at all hours.  They called the maintenance office one night so they can check on the noise, but my daughter and I were sleeping (8:30pm) and the maintenance guy was very apologetic for waking us.

The building is hollow between the floor and ceiling. There is no insulation between the walls and yes we can hear our downstairs neighbor when they talk, watch TV, close doors, listen to music too. We can also hear other neighbors in the hallway, the elevator going up and down, trash being thrown down the compactor chute.but these are what we believe are normal living noise and we hear it because we live in an apartment building.

My personal opinion, we are very quiet neighbors. We do not wear shoes in the house, my daughter is not allowed to dance, jump, nor make any noise. We reprimand her when she does. Things get dropped because we're clumsy humans. We go to bed early (before quiet hours), we do not have any guests over due to the fear of "disturbing" our neighbor and getting more notices from management. I'm at a loss, we purchased this apartment and now we feel we are being harassed by the renters below us.

What would you consider to be "disturbing or unreasonable noises"? Does any one have any opinions on what we can do?

Queensgal I feel your pain.  I have been in similar situations where people complained about nothing.  Some people  expect to hear no noise when they live in the city with community living in buildings.  In one building where I purchased a coop the people below me filed one formal complaint after another.  The called the police on me several times saying that there were wild parties going on above them and people were dealing drugs from my apartment.  One time when the police came another neighbor was in my apartment and he couldn't believe what I was going through. He later decided he would be my witness about the complaint.  Although many coops and condos have bylaws that you can't sue them -  I did and I also sued the people below me for harassment.  I was lucky I had a friend who specialized in coop and condo law.  The lawsuit forced them to hire some one too.  The coop  acknowledged that the people below me were  complaining for years about everyone above them and they grew weary of the complaints and it was easier to side with them since they were so aggressive.  Since we really needed two cars and were thinking of moving  we told them we  would put our place for sale if they cease and desist.  It took about 13  months for the sale and the closing and after I was under contract I stomped about in the middle of the night during the last month as a payback. After I sold my place the buyer of my coop called me and told me the people below were complaining and they considered themselves very quiet. 

I had  noisy neighbors a bunch of times before and either didn't complain or  made peace with them but this was unbelievable.  What really annoyed me was that most of my former neighbors who lived below me told me were we the quietest people who ever lived above them so I know we weren't making a lot of noise. Even though buying a house  wasn't in my plans I decided to buy one in Bayside.  Two parking spots is heaven!  I have never been happier and will never live in a coop or condo where someone is above me or below me again!  I still visit JH on a regular basis but love my new housing arrangements.
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