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I've been pissing and moaning about the lack of good, basic, healthy, non-spicy, non-carb-heavy dining options in the neighborhood. Our forays to the local diners have been less than inspiring, and there just isn't a sit-down place where you can get, say, roast or grilled chicken or baked salmon with potato and vegetables, and eat in a pleasant, comfortable space and not off plastic trays. (Let me interject that we need non-spicy, non carb-heavy food for health reasons, not because we are somehow against the cuisines of other nations for xenophobic reasons.)

So we just tried ordering dinner from Ricky's after having done so just once a few years ago, with unsatisfactory results. We were very pleased! Ordering via Seamless, it was fast and accurate and the food was quite good. Salad and vegetables, in particular. We ordered full chicken and fish dinners--and the food was well prepared and tasty and generously portioned. I think the best alternative for this type of basic food in Jackson Heights. Recommended!

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they've upped the game the last couple of years -- and those entrees, while nothing fancy, are definitely worthwhile, and a little different than the standard diner fare at most such places. i mean, i love a hot open turkey smothered in unhealthy gravy as much as the next person, but the Ricky's specials are, as you said, fresh and tasty.

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