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 Am not sure if the people who designated these streets actually live here or participated in the Open Streets. The area of 92-94sts seems fine but the other two choices are not so great,as I see it. The 79/80 block would be better served by opening a portion of the 79th St side yard of IS145 which is a much more appealing space during hot days or not- much more shade! And on 72/74, there are busy bus routes going both directions around IS230 and there have been numerous very close calls with people crossing right in front of the buses and forgetting about cross traffic. There is construction on both sides of 34th between 72/73 sts right now which is noisy and has supplies being delivered often. I would keep children far away from that area.
  Again, strongly think the use of IS230's cafeteria in a monitored way would greatly augment the play area across the street which is a pretty decent track and play space with benches. I know we need to be outside as much as we can but anyone who has been a camper knows that you need to alternate especially during this extreme heat with indoors and out. Oddly enough, the blocks between 69th/70th have the most children for many hours of the day and the most wide open area, but they got nothing! Strange planning here.