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I am looking for long time residents of Jackson Heights to interview for an art project, funded by the Queens Council on the Arts. I am creating a series of drawings which combine excerpts from interviews with architectural drawings of facades in the neighborhood.

See this link for some examples:

I am looking for older residents of Jackson Heights to share their memories and impressions of the neighborhood. The excerpts are presented anonymously in the artwork. I record the interviews on my phone for my records, but I can also share a copy with you, and with your permission, I can also submit to the Queens oral history project through the library.

Feel free to contact me if interested.


Hi Linda.
I don't know if my reply to your request reached you or not. so I'll say again that I would be happy to
be interviewed.  I was born in Jackson Heights in 1942 and lived there until 1977. My posts to this site are under the name "Nagelberg". - JHS 145's first Principal. Best, John

hi John,

Thanks for your interest in being interviewed. I am going to try to PM you now, but if it doesn't work, please email me at lindaganjian at gmail

Thanks so much!


82nd st lady:
Hi Linda,
I lived in Jackson Heights from 1950 till 1971, my parents were there till 1982. I was 6 when we moved there from Florida. Went to St Joan of Arc. If you're interested, I can be reached at thank you

Are you still interested in interviewing past Jackson Heights residents?
If so you can contact me at;


John K


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