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Restaurants & Food / Re: Best deli for cold cuts?
« Last post by toddg on Yesterday at 09:23:18 PM »
Please enlighten me on this topic. 

Boar's Head products are ubiquitous in the city... not exciting but generally good enough for most days.  Some markets have other brands like Hormel that I've always assumed aren't as good.  Foodtown and Lemon Farm have various nicer imported salamis, sopressata, prosciutto, etc. that are always great for a picnic.  There are more specialized imported products available at Appetito and Despaña.   And if I want good pastrami, I go to a place like Ben's Best that makes its own.

Beyond this landscape, is there something else I should be looking for?  Some commercial brand that is better than Boar's Head, or a deli somewhere that makes a broad selection of fine cold cuts in-house? 
Restaurants & Food / Re: Best deli for cold cuts?
« Last post by ClydeM on Yesterday at 07:03:20 PM »
There isn't one and this is something that the neighborhood could really use. I usually make a weekly trip to Sorriso's in Astoria to stock up on things for the week. The prices are pretty good for the quality and they know how to cut the cold cuts.

There used to be a good person at the deli counter at Trade Fair at 89th and 37th who knew what he was doing. However, I haven't seen him recently and my last couple of experiences were not very good (e.g. corned beef cut with the grain).

Despaña on Northern and 87th has excellent prepackaged specialty items like serrano ham at very good prices but nothing cut to order. It's a great store, though, especially for cheese, and the prices are really food. If you go on a Saturday, you can sample their wares and catch a nice buzz from the wine that they thrust at you (and continue to refill) when you walk through the door. Plus the people are really nice.

Community Trade and Classifieds / Re: Parking
« Last post by wlirfan on Yesterday at 03:52:44 PM »
There is the indoor lot with an entrance at 82nd and 37th, and an exit at 81st and 37th.  It's pricey though.
I was always confused as to why most of our streets don't have trash cans around, but the reality is that if I really need to throw something away (an ice cream wrapper or napkin, for example, since the weather is nice), I open one of the cans in front of a private residence.  My mom lives in Astoria in a residential portion, and she never minds when someone does that.  Likewise, not having public cans does prevent the overflow that we see on Northern or 37th Ave.  I see those cans being emptied all the time so I don't get why they're always past capacity.
Restaurants & Food / Best deli for cold cuts?
« Last post by JLEE3 on Yesterday at 12:46:15 PM »
Does anyone have any recommendations for where to get good quality cold cuts at great prices in Jackson Heights?
I have this beautiful and renovated 1BR apartment for rent in Woodside, in a well-kept and managed building, in the vicinity of 43 Ave. & 60th Street. A short distance from the # 7 trains and the LIRR. Super easy 15 minutes subway commute to Mid-Town Manhattan.

This apartment is available for a June 01, 2017 move-in and is renting for $ 1,800. per month.

For more information or to schedule a showing call or text me @ 718.908.4146

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Save Terraza 7
« Last post by Shelby2 on Yesterday at 11:06:53 AM »

As of Jan 27:
"For the moment, at least, the scene at Terraza 7 keeps going. The latest proposal from the new developers was recently rejected by the Buildings Department"

Any updates since this article? They are still listing upcoming concerts.

For once, I'm happy that the city's red tape is slowing down a business - rapacious development business, that is.

I think that space is still listed for sale on Loopnet. I am not sure if that means anything regarding any further rejected proposals by the Buildings Department.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Craft Cocktails
« Last post by amsci on Yesterday at 10:59:43 AM »
I'll reiterate my suggestion of Bocaito, as they have interesting delicious drinks and tasty food (I swear I have to be rolled out of there by the end of dinner) and its not super loud in there. However if you're looking for a reclaimed wood/tin tile joint slinging whiskey and gin drinks like you'd find in LIC/Astoria, you're going to be S.O.L.

I'm into those kinds of drinks/places so I either leave the neighborhood for it or just make myself a kickass Manhattan at home (which I do  ;) )

Chefpaul pretty much hits the nail on the head I think.

Soooo back to the important stuff:

Where do people go for a good cocktail? I'm moving to the neighborhood this summer and am excited to explore.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Craft Cocktails
« Last post by Chefpaul on Yesterday at 10:25:59 AM »
Sorry tell you but there is no good cocktail lounge here in Jackson Heights. At least not the kind that most people on this forum would be interested in like Amaru. In case no one knows Amaru was opened by the same people who own pio pio. Back in 94' no one would have imagined this small immigrant family owned business would take off as it did. Now with locations all over the city I'd say the opposite it true about the changing of the neighborhood. When I take the E train in the morning I see the same exact kinds of people taking the train as I did when I was a kid. Yes young non Latinos are moving in but not so much that they effect the neighborhood. That's why these cocktail lounges you seek won't really happen here at least until another 10 years from now in my opinion. And there happens to be plenty of places to have brunch just don't expect to go out for avocado toast or eggs Benedict.
Hi everyone,

A quick follow up to what may have been an intently watched listing. After failing to sell for 6 months with another firm, our listing at 35-33 76th Street was listed with us and entered contract in 5 weeks since we took it over. It closed at a record $940,000, highest sale as far as any closed sales that we could find. Only $8,500 below our list price. Second highest sold comp at Hawthorne Court standing at 920k.

Another similar example, our recent Hawthorne Court listing at 35-56 77th Street, Unit 32, also failed to sell for 6 months and was relisted with us at same price as previously listed. We had an accepted offer in two weeks and were in contract in two weeks after that:

Our 1 bed at Greystones asked $378,500 and received an accepted offer barely one week on market and has entered contract.

All healthy market indicators, but we would like to take some credit given some of the past history of the two larger listings :)

Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!


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