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"He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas"
-Ben Franklin
Restaurants & Food / Re: Bagel Cafe renovation - 86th/37th
« Last post by dssjh on Today at 08:50:41 PM »
the gyro king on 37th road was pretty good for that item only. but yeah, definitely worth a look.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Bagel Cafe renovation - 86th/37th
« Last post by francis on Today at 08:20:42 PM »
The sign said "Jackson Gyros".  It would be great if they did Middle Eastern food.  Knowing the old bagel place it's doubtful it will be great but one can hope.
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Washington Plaza
« Last post by N00b on Today at 07:19:02 PM »
Streeteasy lists around 63 apts sold and 19 listed for sale (all in contract), but I think it's not the complete picture as, for example, the apt I just closed on is not listed, so it's not a crazy stretch.
Restaurants & Food / Bagel Cafe renovation - 86th/37th
« Last post by Shelby2 on Today at 06:30:43 PM »
It looks like the Bagel Cafe on the corner of 86th and 37th is set to undergo a major renovation. At least it looks that way from the outside. It has green plywood barriers all around it. Maybe they will do something nice with the place!
same as the resistance to red light cameras. people think they should be allowed to break these laws at will.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Empty store fronts
« Last post by Shelby2 on Today at 05:44:42 PM »
This is pretty interesting...

That is interesting. I always thought there was some sort of money making scam going on with the empty storefronts, but I thought it was limited to tax write-offs.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Empty store fronts
« Last post by Ed on Today at 05:41:17 PM »
Neighborhood Chat / Babysitter/Pet Sitter or Walker
« Last post by dver27 on Today at 05:24:04 PM »
I am a 23 year old living in the area. Have some free time - weekends, evenings 6:30pm onward, or mornings before 10:30. If anyone needs a babysitter or even a pet sitter/walker in the area, i would be so happy to help! I do have a full time job from 11:00 - 5:45pm and am just looking to make some extra cash. I'm great with kids of any age. i love dogs and cats (have one of my own!!). Have references if needed. Hope to hear for any of you  :) :) Thank you!
Restaurants & Food / Re: Middle Eastern food nearby?
« Last post by petegart on Today at 04:53:30 PM »
Thanks. I did go to Souk El Shater in Sunnyside (4303 Queens blvd) and it is Fantastic!  The food was delicious, and the person doing the serving was great.  I love having a meal of hummus, babaganoush and tabouli on a hot day -and they were all excellent.
I also stopped by Juju's because it is so close, but he said he may have the babaganough on the weekends, and he expects to be open for dinner after July 4th.  I did see the menu and I'm in!  So I have not tried the food there yet. 
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